Trend Spot: ‘New Girl’ Style

American television producers clearly think that viewers can’t get too many sitcoms that feature roommates. There is an infinitely long list, from Friends through Will and Grace to How I Met Your Mother aka Friends Again (But Not As Good). The latest in the series to hit the UK market is New Girl.

It’s easy to be put off watching yet another show about roommates who care so much about each other that it’s a little sickening, and having wearying on-again-off-again relationships. But despite these flaws, the show does give you a weekly dose of the very gorgeous Zooey Deschanel. On top of that, as season one went on, the characters seemed to get better-defined and so the show got funnier.

Now, as you may have noticed, season two has not yet returned to the UK. American critics are saying that season two seems to have become a bit samey. After all, how much quirk can you stand? Still, the UK audience should be allowed to make up their own mind about that. And Ms. Deschanel does quirky unlike anyone else.

So, if you just can’t wait for New Girl to return to the air, then get a little bit of Jess-style with the vast range of skater dresses available on ASOS.com. Pair your chosen skater dress with a fitted cardigan, give yourself a shaggy fringe, do a funny song-and-dance, and there you have it.

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What I would say is, in the meantime, if you can’t wait for your favourite kook, and if you just have to have your dose of roommate madness, catch the second season of Girls on Sky Atlantic. Even though it has been rightly criticised for being set in New York, yet not featuring any main characters of colour in the first season, the writing is clever, insightful and laugh-out-loud funny, and the characters are some of the best written on television. So, if you’re more Hannah than Jess, then try a play-suit, skort, or oddly-matched skirt and tank-top.

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