Sunday Sanctuary, Knightsbridge

Imagine sipping a delicious cocktail while receiving a soothing massage. Or how about selecting a nail varnish colour rather than fretting about work on a Sunday afternoon. If you’re a lady of London, your Sundays can be transformed at Bar Galante’s ‘Sunday sanctuary’, a women-only afternoon consisting of canapés, cocktails, girly films and beauty treatments. And if that’s not tempting enough, the event is free.

My companion and I were greeted at the Chelsea cocktail bar with a goodie bag courtesy of Bliss Spa, the beauty salon providing the treatments. We were also encouraged to change into some slippers but such casual attire didn’t seem right in such a swish venue. From the floor to the ceiling, everything sparkled and the mirrored walls enhanced the glimmering décor.

Despite the hour (just after noon), we were persuaded to try a refreshing peach bellini, which turned into another, and soon our attention turned to more solid sustenance. There’s a charge for the food but at £1.25 each for the mini empanadas, it’s worth trying them all. Warm puff pastry encased duck, lobster or roasted pumpkin and they went down a treat. There was also a choice of steak, salmon or chorizo sandwiches (£8.50 each), all served in petite sizes on multi-tiered stands akin to a tower of afternoon tea cakes.

Everything about the afternoon has been designed to make it ‘as girly as possible’. This included the film, My Best Friend’s Girl, which was displayed on large screens at the bar. A romcom clearly selected for being female friendly but very few people chose to watch it and the squidgy headphones lay untouched on the tables. However, the option’s there if you want to zone out of your friends’ conversation.

The more popular activity was to indulge in the complimentary massages and manicures. You might have to wait but you can relax in the bar for up to three hours so should be seen at some point. My companion and I left with shiny red talons feeling a little tipsy but refreshed from such a pleasant change.

Needless to say, this is a popular event so you need to sign up in advance. Email rsvp@bargalante.com with your choice of time, either 12-3pm or 3-6pm.

Bar Galante
87 Sloane Avenue

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