Issa AW 13/14

The Issa show was kicked off by model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne, who swished down the catwalk in a high-necked, long-sleeved, floor-length dress with chiffon wings, in a grey-toned print.

The models wore wide-brimmed hats with long brown feathers tucked into the bands. Colours were natural and earthy, in greys, browns, oranges, golds and blues – and there was plenty of print, as you’d expect from an Issa collection.

The clothes were inspired by the Navajo Indians, but also had a sense of the bohemian, with a touch of the Wild West in the hats, feathers and leather boots. There was something captivating about the combination of the low-slung brims of the hats and the conservative high necks of the clothes combined with the eye-catching exotic print of the sweeping dresses.

The fabric was billowing silk chiffon, with the hemlines brushing the floor and there was barely an inch of skin on show. Long fur capes made an appearance over floor-length print dresses, with long, winged sleeves. Silhouettes were kept feminine with chunky brown waist belts cinching the loose fabric. Necklines were embellished with collars of elaborate, colourful tassels and Native American-esque beadwork.

Two exceptions to the tone of the collection included a short, flared dress in metallic gold, followed by a clingy bright red dress, but which still featured the omnipresent full-length sleeves and floor-sweeping hem-length.

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