Chanting and Chakras: Learning Reiki

If you’d told me I’d spend part of my weekend pressing on the chakra points of a stuffed toy to give someone a Reiki distance treatment, I would have scoffed. But that’s precisely what I did recently in the calm surroundings of the Healing Church in Barnes.

It all started a few months ago, when I joined a Reiki 1 course with Reiki Academy London, run by the charismatic and inspiring Reiki master, Torsten Lange, the embodiment of the Reiki principles of sharing and caring. I was at a low ebb in my life: hands-on spiritual energy healing (physical, emotional and spiritual) sounded perfect.

A group of 14 of us spent two days on the course, being attuned by Torsten (passing Reiki energy to us by placing his hands on our shoulders and over our palms); discovering how to meditate; learning the history of Reiki; finding out more about our energy fields and, the really exciting part, giving each other Reiki once we’d been attuned.

To give Reiki, place your hands on 12 parts of the recipient’s fully clothed body, mostly aligned to their chakras, for 3-5 minutes per position. As you do so, you feel intense heat or tingling in your hands, which the recipient can also feel – this is your energy passing to them through Reiki and healing that particular part of the body, or pinpointing an imbalance – physical or emotional.

A welcome side effect is that Reiki is so relaxing that many of us fell asleep on the treatment couches! Once attuned you will always have the ability to give Reiki and can hugely benefit from giving it to yourself or to others, including pets, children, even house plants and inanimate objects.

In the Reiki 2 course, we took things to the next level. Day one involved learning three symbols that, accompanied by a mantra, should be drawn on the palm or visualised before a treatment: the energy symbol; the harmony symbol and the distance or connection symbol. We gave each other Reiki, incorporating the symbols for added intensity. The person who carried out my treatment felt heat over my left eye: a month previously I’d had a squint operation.

On the second day, we did distance healing. Half the group were downstairs, each with a teddy bear, on which they practised Reiki on the corresponding parts of a human body. The other half were upstairs on treatment couches. I felt tingling on the left side of my body and pulsing in the centre of my back, the same areas my practitioner, Dhiren, felt most sensation in. It was fascinating, when giving the treatment, to note that even on a soft toy, some places were much hotter.

Having wowed each other with our Reiki skills, we learned how to scan someone’s body with our palms, or intuitively choose areas that need healing. I was slightly sceptical about this, but had no hesitation in placing my hands on my recipient’s hip, which she later told me was a weak area due to sports strain. Reiki can help minor ailments or alleviate more major ones; it doesn’t offer a cure, but often improves symptoms.

It’s hard to explain how much wellbeing Reiki imparts, especially if you adopt the Reiki principles, which are not to anger or to worry, to work diligently, to be grateful and to be kind to yourself and others. Oh, and the veggie lunches are not to be missed: Torsten’s amazing Thai sweet potato soup, salads, breads and a generous cheeseboard.

Jo got stuck into chakras and cheeseboards at:

Reiki Academy London
Barnes Healing Church
White Hart Lane
SW13 0QA

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