Trend Spot: The Sheebie

The Romans wore scarves to protect themselves from heat, dust and cold climates. From Ancient Rome, the scarf travelled through Romania and Croatia to France in the 17th century, where King Louis XIV made it his favourite fashion accessory. These scarves were called cravats, and 17th-century style gurus invented new methods of tying a scarf that were given whimsical names like The Butterfly or The Waterfall. King Louis XIV loved his scarves so much that he even invented a new position for a servant whose only job was to take care of scarves! In the 20th century, women like Greta Garbo and Grace Kelly turned scarves into a fashion statement. Though these were often silky and slight, this winter’s scarf is long, cable-knit and chunky.

So, what is a Sheebie? The Sheebie is one of those products that sounds odd on paper, but then catches your eye with its trendy look and luxurious warmth. It is – hold your breath – a scarf, shawl and hood all rolled into one. How is that possible, you ask? Can it be?! Hand-knitted with a gorgeously soft yarn, with a Red Riding Hood-look, the Sheebie is the newbie in town. The Sheebie was created because the creators simply couldn’t find anything warm enough to keep them comfy in the winter!

What: The Sheebie is different from the hooded snood because it has trailing ends for those who like scarves, and to top it all, you can even keep your hands warm and toasty in its improvised pockets.

Whom: If you’re the kind of person that tends to leave their hat and gloves on the tube, then this is the product for you. Or, if you just like to be warm and snugly when it’s a little nippy outside, invest in the Sheebie.

Calling all boyfriends – if you’re told off every year for buying yet another scarf as a birthday or Christmas present, well, here is the answer to your woes. A scarf that is just sumptuous enough for you to be let off the hook this year.

Buy it for £99.99 here.

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