Trend Spot: Strictly Style!

Are you a Strictly Come Dancing fan, or are your Saturday evenings given over to a dogged loyalty to the X Factor? I am a Strictly girl, I confess. I did watch all of an X Factor series once, but I spent the entire show every week feeling like I was being slowly eaten alive – or at least, that I’d rather be eaten alive than be watching this.

There’s all the cringeworthy singing, of course, every week. Then there’s Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh bickering like a pair of old aunties. Then the people who can actually sing are booted out and we are left with contestants who, when you point a camera at them, take it as a cue to start bawling about how miserable their life has been thus far – because they were force-fed cupcakes as a teenager and this has scarred them for life.

The trick to avoid being sucked into the show, I’ve realised, is to steer clear of the auditions. The auditions have that freak show quality, where hand over eyes, you peek through your fingers at the horror-comedy of the determinedly earnest contestants. If you sit through the auditions, then really, you have no one but yourself to blame if you’re sucked into the rest of it.

I’m all for Strictly, what with the bare chests of the Paso Doble, the sharp kicks of the Argentine Tango, and the sequinned shorts of the jive. And if all the contestants always think that this show is the best thing that’s ever happened to them – well, maybe it is! We don’t know! There’s the usual liberal sprinkling of sequins in all the costumes this year, and even Darcey Bussell has sported a shorts suit in a Sunday results show.

Which brings me to the item of the week. The look of this party season is a pair of sequinned hot pants paired with a sequin blazer. The shorts-suit is a look that was speckled all over the New York runways in SS 2013 collections, with designers like Michael Kors, Helmut Lang and Tory Burch doing their thing with shorts and blazers all the way – stripey, floral, metallic, you name it, they did it. The sequinned version has the advantage of adding an extra dash of sparkle to your sexy New Year’s Eve party.

What: A pair of sequin knicker shorts, available in three colours.

Whom: If you have a great pair of pins, show them off in these shorts. They’re short, they’re tight, and they’re freakishly sexy. Groovy baby…If you’re hosting a Strictly final party, then these are the shorts to wear.

Buy: Get them here for £22.

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