My London: DJ Asadinho

In 1994 Asad Rizvi (Asadinho) threw his first Reverberations party – along with Tom Gillieron – in a London pub. A few months later they launched their label and were soon touring the globe. This December 28 Reverberations presents RvS with special guest Ian Pooley at Dukes House, east London. Here Asadinho talks about London’s diversity, derelict tube stations and working with Lana del Rey…

Where I grew up, in East Sheen, is away from the madness, yet only 20 minutes to town and brimming with lovely parks and pubs. It’s great to have all that nature amidst the urban sprawl.

One of the most beautiful views of London I’ve experienced was queuing to land at Heathrow on fireworks night. The whole city was twinkling with thousands of miniature explosions. I found it so peculiar that a tradition with such a dark history can be so beautiful.

Go to the Notting Hill Carnival. Love it or hate it, it epitomises the spirit of London.

Having been to most of the major cities in the world, I would say London’s the most diverse, creative and integrated of them all. There’s nowhere else where cultures rub off on each other as they do here. Everyone can be themselves here, and no one bats an eyelid.

Always judge people on your own interactions, and not by word-of-mouth.

Hackney is definitely a hub of creativity now, though I have not been a part of it first hand. Our label and parties grew up in Brixton and I still find it to be an exceptional melting pot that inspires and integrates.

London is peppered with closed tube stations. Some of them were closed as long ago as the late 19th century. These historical relics are sadly not open to the public, and I would love to use one for an event one day. I always imagine them to be a dusty snapshot of their last days of operation.

Chris Morris’s unparalleled satire has filled a void in the media that few have managed – and dared – to tackle.

London has a poor reputation for food, although it is gradually improving. There is so much great food from all nations to be enjoyed here. I think for locals, the best restaurants are always the ones tucked away in the most unlikely of pockets.

One book that has really stayed with me is Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. The book isn’t about London specifically, but about any city. As the reader, you transpose these somewhat mystic insights to your own urban environment. I sometimes notice Calvino’s observations manifesting within the reality of London.

I have just finished some remixes of Lana del Rey for Polydor and am presently working on a string of remixes including of Doc Martin, Onur Ozman and a few more.

In 2013 I’m working on some new singles for our freshly relaunched RvS label. We have some great stuff coming up by Alex Arnout, Joshua Iz, Jef K, Sean Dimitrie, Joel Brittain and more. I’m presently writing some songs with a few vocalists that are planned for a new album. We’re also planning some more parties in 2013 and, as ever, to gig at home and abroad.’

Reverberations presents RvS with special guest Ian Pooley and Asad Rizvi at Dukes House on Friday 28 December.

Tickets available from Resident Advisor.

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