How to Get Upgraded to First Class

In these hard-up times it’s unlikely your company will stump up for upgraded flights. So those wanting a little luxury need to think outside the box. Here are some tips for getting into the champagne section.

Be smart

Dress like you were born to be in First Class. People think this trick is down to snobbery of the crew, but really it’s all about the snobbery of the other First Class passengers. You need to be able to sneak in amongst them with no questions asked.

Arrive early

Be the perfect passenger. Organised, on time and pleasant. You won’t be the only one flirting your way into First, so make sure you get there before everyone else.

Be nice

Be polite and courteous to all the staff. Kindness will make you stand out from the crowd when everyone else in the queue is stressed and tired. But don’t be overbearing or fake – they’ll see right through it.


This sounds too simple – but really it’s true. Be charming and ask whether there is any space in First Class. The guys at the front desk will think of you if anything comes up.

Move if you’re asked

If the steward asks if someone would mind moving, always do it. They’ll find a way to thank you for being helpful. With any luck, that’s a plush seat up front.

Travel alone

Single travellers are much easier to move around the plane. They also have more opportunity to get to know the crew. If you come in a group, there’s no way you’ll all get bumped up.

Travel off-peak

If you’re on a plane that’s packed to the rafters, randomly upgrading you to First Class will be the last thing on the crew’s minds.

Be a Frequent Flyer

Flexing your air miles will make a difference. Airlines are more likely to think frequent flyers with flashy membership cards or credit cards are worth impressing with flashy perks.

Have you ever been upgraded? Share your secrets below…

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