Hands Off the Royal Baby!

They did it! Quite literally. After months of speculation, the ‘suits’ at St James’ Palace have confirmed that the nation’s darlings, William and Kate, are expecting a baby. Since the news broke, all sorts of articles have been dedicated to this happy news. However, even in this time of joy, some people’s outraging comments have been making my blood boil.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no die-hard monarchist – in fact, I’m not even British. I am, however, a human being for crying out loud and although we may forget it, so are William and Kate (despite the fact that they each have impressive bejewelled crown and cape collections). Take a moment to imagine what it must have been like for them: the delight of finding out about the pregnancy, coupled with sheer terror when Kate was rushed to hospital, well before the 12-week ‘safe’ stage.

Those complaining the new addition to the royal family will be ‘another scrounger to absorb taxes’ are nothing other than heartless bastards. Unless they worked all the extra bank holidays in the past few years, they can suck it up.

While royals once threw regular tantrums and taxed the shit out of their people just because they wanted a new throne, or to ‘off’ their latest spouse for being irritating, modern royals represent a nation, and thanks to their lives in the media, attract attention to causes and charities. If they cost money, they also raise money and for all the media hostility: look at the newspapers they sell!

Of course, William and Kate won’t have to worry about the price of nappies or whether they’ll have to give up the second car. But look at the price they pay. The privacy of the sacred 12 week period – normally a secret shared only between partners – has been shattered, because an announcement was necessary to prevent people speculating about Kate’s health. None of the royals (except, one may argue, the ones who married into the firm) have chosen this aspect of celebrity – they were all born into the spotlight. Where Lady Di may have actively courted the press when her marriage with Charles went tits up, you have to give William and Kate credit for not displaying such behaviour.

I am not sure if I would want the press diving into my love life, taking pictures as I tumble out of a club, sunbathe, or go on holiday to Vegas. We should remember that William and Kate don’t have that choice…

I really don’t think that William thought his thinning hair was the best side to show the world on his wedding day, but the BBC insisted on overhead camera shots. Did Kate worry about what her make-up would look like in HD? Doubt it.

Now they face other worries for the child they are bringing into this world – into their world.  Despite all the media pressure and evil souls who are calling their offspring ‘a parasite’ long before its birth, this young, modern couple still chose to create a baby. Bravo, I say. As a couple, they might have 99 problems but love doesn’t seem to be one.

Image by Richard_of_England courtesy of Flickr

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