Trend Spot: Red Stilettos

If you have a sizzling office party to go to this season, then these are the shoes to go in. Glamorous enough for the red carpet, trendy even for Carrie Bradshaw, these Beyond Skin stilettos are easy on your conscience and they promise to give you a hip-swivelling sexy stride. Beyond Skin’s AW2012 collection plays with a ’60s and ’70s theme, and it is block heels, t-bar heels and round-toe court shoes all the way. These Callie-red stilettos are a preview of an upcoming style, but Callie shoes are available in black faux-suede, gold-print, and a gorgeous ‘besequinned’ (I made up a word there…) pair that Cinderella could have worn to the ball. And she probably would have traded in the prince to get them back.

The Beyond Skin journey began in 2001, and more than ten years later, entrepreneurs Natalie Dean and Heather Whittle continue to produce ethically-sourced, completely veggie shoes that use an eco fabric called Dinamica. Dinamica is made from 100% recycled PET plastics and is completely sustainable. Beyond Skin have survived factory closures and defunct manufacturers to carry on making footwear that combines sexiness with ethics. So, what has designer Natalie Dean learnt after so many years of running this business? She says, ‘Always look for the silver lining!’ Which is great, because silver lining looks great on Beyond Skin shoes…

What: The Callie-red court shoe has a vintage look and a 10cm heel. It is made from recycled Dinamica, a faux-leather lining and resin sole. The insoles are padded and the soles are flexible to give you arch-support.

Whom: If you wear stilettos, you’ll love these vegan Callie shoes. Of the available styles, I would recommend that you treat yourself to the Callie-sequin. As with most stilettos, if you have a wide foot, then these aren’t really constructed with you in mind. I would buy a size up unless you have a very narrow foot.

Buy: Grab one of these sale style for £97 here or wait for Callie-red to go on the market!

If you get Beyond Skin shoes, you’ll be in the company of Natalie Portman, Leona Lewis, Abbie Cornish, Sienna Miller and Alicia Silverstone.

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