Jumble & Pearls Vintage Fayre

Have you ever been to the town of books – Hay-on-Wye? Every time I go there, I promise myself that this time I won’t come back dragging five enormous bin bags full of books behind me. This time I will only buy, say, five books, or maybe ten, no more. I won’t run around the little town like a book junkie. I certainly won’t lurk outside the book shops in the middle of the night, peering suspiciously all around me, all twitchy and crazy, waiting for the shops to open.

All these good intentions go out of the window with the first purchase. It’s like a chain reaction has been set in motion and I have no more control over my emotions than a Big Brother contestant who just plain forgot that there was a camera in the room when they were doing their big soul-revealing confession. Soon, I find myself running from shelf to shelf, flinging second-hand books willy-nilly into a bag, paying stupid amounts of money for books that are available on Amazon Marketplace for 1p, collecting obscure books on poppy growing in the Mughal Empire in the 17th century.

This is sort of how I feel about vintage fairs. To start off the winter season of general all-round spending frenzies, Jumble & Pearls are hosting a one-off vintage and designer fair in Shoreditch. Designers like Face Invader, Kontiki Collectables, Odette Adornments, Shop Floor Whore, UglyLovely and many others will feature gorgeous one-off designs at the fair – enough to fulfill all your ambitions for quirky present-giving this year. And if this isn’t enough inticement, then The Book Club will also be serving a new warm Hendricks gin cocktail in teapots and tea cups!

If you wish you were back in the 19th century and could spend all your evenings at Vauxhall Gardens attending masked balls and drinking ratafia, then Face Invader may be right up your street. Their masks and head dresses are handmade and use pre-loved fabrics and accessories, and internationally-sourced vintage feathers, bone, lace and crystals. And if urban glam is your style, then Odette Adornments combines silver, semi-precious stones, leather and feathers galore to produce unique accessories. You can find womenswear from Kontiki Collectables and sumptuous turbans from Shop Floor Whore. Glorious millinery is available from UglyLovely and Sahar Millinery.

So, make your way to east London to kick off the Christmas season, enjoy a glass of mulled wine, and treat yourself to a seductive face mask.

Jumble & Pearls Vintage Fayre takes place on Saturday 1 December from 11am – 5.30pm at:

The Book Club
100 Leonard Street

Entry: Free

Image from UglyLovely collection

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