The Brahma Kumaris

Heading to the Radisson Edwardian hotel in Kensington, I get ready to attend a class on what I hope is spiritual enlightenment by the ‘World Spiritual University’ – the Brahma Kumaris.

The Brahma Kumaris is an organisation which runs courses, seminars and workshops on anything from learning the art of meditation to the importance of positive thinking. All of these events are free and are run as a community service. There’s just the option of leaving a small donation to the charity.

My chosen seminar is on karma and as I approach the conference hall I see people of all ages, races, and professions who seem to share the same interest – how to improve their spiritual knowledge.

I take my seat and observe the atmosphere. To the backdrop of calming music the dimly lit room slowly starts to fill. Then our teacher, Gizi Pruthi, enters dressed in a simple white garment. After a few minutes of meditation, Gizi begins with a mantra of the Brahma Kumaris – ‘om shanti’. Loosely translated, this means ‘I am a peaceful soul’.

Gizi proceeds by explaining how karma is deeply rooted to your soul and that the energy of your mind creates many different actions. I am told that whatever I put out comes back to me with the same intensity, be it a positive or a negative thought. The more bad karma we create from our energy and thoughts, the dimmer our soul, or point of light, becomes.

The two-part seminar teaches us the importance of focusing our attention on what we bring into our awareness. Gizi says that the body is merely a container for the soul, or point of light, that shines brighter with every piece of pure energy that we radiate out into the world. Things, people and activities that bring us purity, bliss and peace are internal boosters for the soul but anger, lust, ego and greed are indicators that our mind, body and soul are not in alliance. These are productions of bad karma.

Gizi takes questions and ends as she began with a few minutes of mediation for reflection and a unanimous ‘om shanti’ from the class.

It’s easy to see why these classes are so popular. After an hour and a half I leave the seminar feeling more spiritually aware and refreshed. I’m already planning to attend the Raja Yoga mediation course and am grateful to the Brahma Kumaris for organising such accessible events for the public.

Sonia attended a class at:

Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel
68 – 86 Cromwell Road

To find a centre near you in the UK, click here.

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  1. I was at the seminar and found useful, what I liked best was the way that Gizi gave practical applications for aligned thinking. Little things like remembering to breath – simple but ever so useful and free!

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