My London: Eric Graham

Eric Graham is the Market Manager of Old Spitalfields Market in East London, where he’s worked since 1992. He’s built a strong reputation with the traders and local residents and is now recognised as a part of the furniture. His daughter has worked alongside him for the past 12 years and his wife is a regular trader in the antiques market. You’ll find Eric there six days a week.

‘At 16 I fell of a rock face in Belfast. I was in hospital for six weeks. I still have the scars. Thinking back on that experience and how quickly life can be taken away always puts things into perspective for me.

I just enjoy being here at Spitalfields Market. It has something unexplainable. I have so many memories here that the old stuff in my mind helps to create something new.

My favourite areas of London are Richmond and Kew. I like getting down to the river, but without all the crowds. It has an authentic village feel in one of the world’s busiest cities.

I went with my wife recently to the first flat we ever lived in in London together. We shared with a group of six others, who now live in Australia. My wife and I took a seat on the front steps, had a picture taken and sent it over to them. Fond memories.

I love spring. Winter’s melted away and everything comes back to life again, including the people.

My most vivid London memory? Meeting Jimi Hendrix at The Marquee club. He’s an absolute legend.

My perfect London day out would involve a sunny London – anywhere between 16 to 23 degrees is fine by me – a day out to Richmond, then jumping on a boat up to the South Bank. Followed by watching The Rolling Stones at Wembley Arena.

I’ve heard about the Chelsea Physic Garden, but I’ve not been there. I would really like to go to the herb garden. I’ll get around to it eventually.

In the film Passport to Pimlico, the scene with the kids chasing a bloke in a cab always stands out in my mind as best encapsulating London.

Go to the Science Museum. It’s for kids of all ages, from six to 60.

You really do forget just how much is here in London. Everything you could want can be found in this one city: arts, crafts music, nightlife, it’s all here. You don’t ever really need to go anywhere else.’

Old Spitalfields Market
Horner Square
E1 6EW

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