Has Honda Managed to Add More Jazz?

I bet not many thought it would be possible to jazz up the Honda that is mainly associated with the older generation of drivers. But Honda has jazzed things up with the release of the special addition Si model, making it ‘seductive, exciting and practical’.

So what is different about the Si model?

Based on the Honda Jazz 1.4 ES model, the special edition Honda Jazz Si has been given a sporty revamp and is kitted out with front and rear sports bumpers, an upgraded sports suspension package and cruise control. Also added to the mix, to get heads turning, is new unique silver and black stitched upholstery, leather trimmed steering wheel, darkly tinted privacy glass, ‘Si badges’, a flared exhaust tip and the finishing sports car touch of 16-inch bespoke alloy wheels.

Compared to the 1.4 ES model the Honda Jazz Si has been cosmetically boosted to appeal to the younger driver, although it still uses the same 98bhp petrol engine. In addition to aesthetic changes the model has also been mechanically adjusted to include an extended anti-roll bar for better handling on the road, stiffened suspension for that hard sporty drive and more responsive steering.

Inside the Honda Jazz Si you are not caught short for room; unlike most sporty edition cars you can comfortably fit five adults in the special edition Jazz. There is also a surprising amount of leg-room and head space for taller drivers. If you are also looking for a car that offers excellent storage, the back seats of the Jazz Si flip up like a cinema seat to create lots of extra space in the back and can be folded over flat to create double the boot space, there are 12 compartments alone in the front of the Jazz Si and if you or your kids are a budding magician: ‘abracadabra!’, there is a secret compartment hidden under the boot floor!

Also as standard, the Honda Jazz Si comes complete with USB connectivity, electric rear windows, a cooled glove box and climate control. And for those looking for long time love from their Jazz si, you can find Honda Jazz Parts online and at any Honda retailer.

On the Road

Adding some fun to the driving package, the Honda Jazz Si goes from 0-62mph in 11.8 seconds, which is actually the same as the 1.4 ES model, on which the Si is based; which doesn’t exactly scream a sporty performance, although it handles well on the road and is definitely fast enough for getting around town!

Honda’s changes to the anti-roll bar, power steering and a hardened suspension make for a more responsive drive and a firmer grip over rough roads. Both mechanical and cosmetic tweaks add a sporty edge to the Jazz driving experience; although unfortunately there is no added engine power, which is normally expected of a sports edition.

Should I buy one?

The sporty, special edition Honda Jazz Si can be yours on the road for £14,500. Built on the ES 1.4 model and equipped with the same engine, the Si will cost you £800 more for a cosmetically jazzed up version. Honda will only be making 1000 Si models, so if you are after a no thrills, economical, stylish and spacious car with a sporty edge then the Honda Jazz Si is for you!


[This was a 3rd party, sponsored, post. Image courtesy of odubovskoy/Flickr]