The Disaronno Film Series

Cocktails and cinema go together like Benjamin Braddock and listless sex in The Graduate, the film that last Tuesday kicked off five nationwide screenings, each chosen by Emilia Fox, the beautiful figurehead of the Disaronno Series. It’s been nearly half a century since Mike Nichols’ comedy drama catapulted Dustin Hoffman to the mainstream but it still feels fresh and funny, particularly if you’ve had a few.

There is plenty of time to get buzzed before the film. From behind pristine bars, Picturehouse staff and a Disaronno ambassador serve three types of amaretto-based cocktail. Bed of Roses (Disaronno, orange juice, triple sec and champagne) with its warm fruity fragrance became my tipple of choice. Cinecittà (Disaronno, lime, elderflower cordial, soda top) was enjoyable but too light for my tastes while the Godfather (Disaronno, whisky) with its pure booze content is probably only suitable for the Don Corleones out there. These cocktails are free but, so you don’t get a sad surprise, let it be known there is a three-drink max.

A nice activity while sipping cocktails is celebrity spotting. In the cosy environment of the Hackney Picturehouse’s top floor, my date and I played, ‘Is that Sadie Frost?’ It was. Sophie Ellis-Bextor also represented and milling about was woman of the hour, Emilia Fox, looking gorgeous and glacial with smoky eyes, wearing a burnt sienna outfit that cannily matched the brand she was promoting.

Pictures of Emilia in movie-star poses adorned the wall, adding a touch of glam. The atmosphere was as delicious as the Bed of Roses. The anticipation of knowing you are about to watch a classic film but, right now, are just chilling, enjoying yourself, is one to be recommended.

There is one more London date in a tour that subsequently hits Liverpool, Edinburgh and Brighton. On Tuesday 18 September – aka tomorrow – Emilia will be presenting Dr Strangelove at the Clapham Picturehouse. If you haven’t seen Kubrick’s brilliant wartime comedy, or even if you have, the £5 ticket price and free cocktails will frame the experience beautifully. And if you feel like a trip to Brighton on 2 October, The Duke of York will be screening Little Miss Sunshine. The fivesome is completed by Dead Poet’s Society and A Room With a View in the far-flung locations of Edinburgh and Liverpool.

They may not all be accessible to the average Londoner, but still, let’s raise our glasses to Emilia for bringing her favourite films to the big screen. Here’s to you Miss Fox, Jesus loves you more than you will know…

The Disaronno Film Series continues on Tuesday 18 September at:

Clapham Picturehouse
26 Venn Street

Tel: 0871 704 2055

Tickets can booked online through Facebook here

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