‘Anu’ Film at London Fashion Week

A naked flowing-haired blonde model, her body covered in patterns of flowers both drawn and projected onto her skin, writhes on a floral floor as the music pulses into an almost climatic state and the film beats from one frame to another in a dream-like staccato; this is Anu, Aminaka Wilmont’s first foray into fashion films.

Teaming up with directors Kate Cox and Marni Hollande, Aminaka Wilmont has created Anu as a ‘teaser’ to its Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The idea behind the film is an exploration of the dynamics of perfume and the layering process that goes into a scent. The model, as Marcus Wilmont and Hollande detailed in a question-and-answer session after the screening, was chosen because she represented a wild, natural and ‘unfiltered’ Scandinavian type of beauty that influenced the collection. Anu, fittingly, was a Celtic goddess of floral fertility.

The film is purposefully void of clothing, as Wilmont explained, because the focus is on the essence of the design, the influence, rather than the clothes themselves. The concept was centred around the layering development that goes into a perfume and Wilmont noted that the flower projections on the model referenced the way in which patterns are projected onto models in the design process.

Anu is part of the Fash/On Film collection for London Fashion Week, which aims to highlight the importance of film in Fashion Week. Film and fashion share a drama, creativity and visuality that fit perfectly, as with fashion and photography. As music and set have a role in Fashion Week, now too does film. The idea of showcasing a concept in a film prior to the catwalk display of a collection (the Amikana Wilmont show is on Tuesday 18 September) is one that works to allow an additional direction for creativity and adding a new dimension to Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 takes place on September 14 to 18.

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