Escape to the Country By Train

If you long for greater freedom and open space, or simply want to get closer to nature, there are a number of benefits to visiting the British countryside.

With improved rail links and affordable rail tickets it’s never been easier to get out of the city either.

Even from London, it’s not hard to quickly reach the north of the country, including the wilds of the Scottish Highlands, where there is more than enough countryside to wet anyone’s appetite.

Going North

The north of England and Scotland has plenty of countryside to visit. Unlike London or the biggest cities, all the towns and cities in the north are pretty close to unspoilt countryside. The advantage of this is that you have easy access to the countryside and scenic towns and villages, whilst retaining quick links back into the city should you need them.

Likewise, the local atmosphere and culture offers just as exciting a break from city life as the scenic views themselves.

The Scottish Countryside

If you go even further north, you can experience the Scottish countryside. For a small country, the variety of countryside available in Scotland is very diverse. Scotland is famous for its gentle glens and various lochs (the Scottish equivalent of a lake). With other options, such as woodlands and typical countryside towns, there is more than enough choice in Scotland for those who like fresh air and great views.

Furthermore, the Scottish culture and ambience can also make for an exciting escape. With a culture and atmosphere unique to itself, Scotland can feel rather exotic at times: But it’s much cheaper than going abroad, and has just as much to offer.

Travelling by Train

If you do decide you want a break in the countryside, the best way to travel is undoubtedly by train.With plenty of routes and links, all you have to do is book a ticket. If you plan in advance there are plenty of cheap rail fares available too.

There are multiple benefits to taking a train. First of all, you’re saving yourself the hassle and stress of driving. A train is much more relaxing and means you can actually enjoy your journey. When going to and back from your destination, a train takes all the stress and potential disasters out of the equation.

Secondly, there’s no getting lost or having to check directions. Taking a train takes all the major hassle of travelling and does it for you. In short, it’s a much easier and stress free option.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a relaxing break in the countryside, you should consider visiting the north east, or going further north into Scotland itself. With the option to travel by train, a countryside break can be a very relaxing and stress free experience: the perfect option for a much needed getaway.

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