Marylebone’s Getti

It’s a strange turn of events when you end up going to review a place which, after a moment of déjà vu, you realise you’ve been to before. While many would suggest this just proves I’m a moron, I prefer to think of myself as having a kind of wonderfully eccentric and forgetful aura.

Such a moment happened when I went to sample some of the freshly made pizzas at Getti, an Italian eatery situated on Marylebone High Street which, on this occasion, was smack bang in the middle of the busy (and sunny!) Marylebone Summer Fayre.

‘Ah, but I remember, we didn’t actually eat here last time, did we?’ I said to my companion, which was promptly met with what could only be described as a ‘No shit, Sherlock’ eye roll.

Senility aside, we were still there to review the food – and I think for the first time. Specifically, we were invited to try Getti’s small pizza (pizzetine) range, which were, again on this occasion, being fired in their outdoor oven. A lovely touch indeed, but unfortunately this al fresco preparation is reserved only for the fayre, I’m told, thus you will have to catch it again next year.

But on to the food. Our first pizzetine was loaded with spicy Tuscan sausage and chilli, and was a very tasty and fresh start, with just the right amount of heat. The other pizzetine did not disappoint either, with a prosciutto and rocket number that would be well worth a repeat visit, and a classic Margherita which did not have to hide under other ingredients to show true class.

Moving on to dessert, we were treated to some Connolini – a kind of fried pastry dough filled with sweet, creamy ricotta cheese and chocolate. These were delicious, and coupled nicely with a cool glass of Prosecco.

It should be said that while the food we sampled clearly warranted a pat on the back for Getti, I remind you that it was a bit of a one-off for the summer fayre. However, if the recipes – and the chefs – are as good across the rest of the menu, then I suspect you will always ‘Getti’ great meal there.

…Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

42 Marylebone High Street

Tel: 020 7486 3753




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