Frustrated With London Traffic, Or Do You Love It?

Even before the thousands of extra visitors descended on us for the big sporting event (clue: it rhymes with toothpicks), driving in London has always been an ‘interesting’ experience to say the least.

While some people relish the challenge of crowded roads and cut-throat lane changing, most of us try to avoid driving in the capital whenever possible.

Online insurance company QuoteMeHappy.com have released some interesting stats relating to how British drivers feel towards other drivers and how they behave on the road. For example, 63% of those questioned admit to sounding their horn, 53% flash their lights and more than one in five (22%) will shout or swear in response to other drivers’ bad behaviour.

In terms of respecting the ‘rules of the road’, the survey discovered that 18% of Brits drive through red lights and one in ten speed over crossings and ignore pedestrians waiting to cross, while 14% admit to tailgating slow vehicles. As you can see, there’s a lot of anger going on out there!

So what kind of driver are you? Do you find that you’re normally mild-mannered but suffer from red mist when behind the wheel? Well QuoteMeHappy.com have released an amusing video showing various types of driver as well as a driving personality test on their Facebook page.

This post was sponsored by QuoteMeHappy.com

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