Geronimo Inns’ Olympic Spirit

Well, the Olympics are finally upon us. Whether you’re on the edge of your seat, clutching reams of tickets in anticipation of all of the events you’re going to see, or merely grumbling at the seemingly endless spawning of new people that are clogging up your beloved transport system, there’s no doubt that the next couple of weeks will be rather special.

Those of you who are chomping at the bit to get involved will of course need sustenance to maintain your fervour. A good start would be one of the Geronimo Inns across London. Founded 16 years ago by Rupert and Jo Clevely, the chain focuses on gastropub-style grub and remarkably swanky yet comfortable surrounds. And, for the upcoming fortnight, they are really getting stuck in to the Olympics, with a variety of fun and games for you to enjoy.

First of all, they will be featuring the Geronimo Torch Relay, whereby their own gold-painted beacon will journey between seven different Geronimo Inns. It’s all a secret though, so you will have to check their Facebook and Twitter pages for clues. However, should you spot it and upload a picture first, a dinner for two shall be thy prize.

Their second spirituous offering is the dedication of many of their London pubs to an individual British Olympian. For example, The Calf – their latest pop-up at Westfield, Stratford City – will now be firmly backing swimmer Rebecca Adlington. The Pheonix (Victoria) will support Jessica Ennis, and so on.

Crucially, should you be in one of these venues when the respective Olympian wins Gold, you will be treated to a free drink. Similarly, if it wins Silver you can enjoy 20 per cent off your food bill, with nibbles provided should Bronze be the athlete’s spoil. Amusingly, of course, you will also be able to craft rude or ridiculous phrases to use on your friends such as ‘I popped in to Andy Murray’s for a tinkle’, or ‘I went to Victoria Pendleton’s place at lunch time and sampled her baps’.

What’s more, you can also vote for your favourite out of these pubs, with the winner ultimately playing host to an Olympic party for all on August 12.

Finally, to help our foreign visitors feel more comfortable during the Olympic period, Geronimo have designed a number of videos in order to help people acclimatise to our way of life. These three-minute ‘Awfully Thorough Guide to Being British’ segments will span everything from negotiating the weather and queuing to ‘how to watch sport correctly’. Enjoy.

Geronimo Inns
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