Making Fitness Fun for Summer 2012

Consistency, variety, intensity and fun are the basic elements of what you should be getting out of your fitness programme. This summer try to train with a smile and you’ll always hit your targets. From boxing to boot camps, The London Word has put together some fun options to help you get in shape for summer 2012 so you can get out there, mix things up and try something new…

Boot Camps

Boot camps are really fun. How amazing would it be if you were told that within the space of a week you could change your life in a prolific way? With just a short holiday, you will come back fitter, healthier and more toned, with brighter skin and sparkling eyes. No 1 Boot Camp in Norfolk offers a life changing program designed to teach you an all-round balance in health, lifestyle, nutrition and fitness to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds to fit into your wedding dress or bikini for a holiday, to kick start a healthy lifestyle or to advance your general fitness levels, boot camps help you gain a good mental perspective and are a great step in gaining confidence.


Training with music is incredibly motivating and enjoyable. Music that you once listened to back in the day will remind you of what you used to do and will make you want to reach those goals again. Compile a playlist with your all-time feel good tunes. It’s amazing how much more you enjoy your workouts with a huge smile on your face.

Two’s Company

Train with a partner who wants to achieve similar results. If you both have a goal it is easier to achieve with some friendly competition. Maybe the loser buys a nice light lunch or juice? Get a personal trainer that is fun yet knows what you want to achieve. If a personal trainer is not passionate about getting you to where you want to be then find another.

A Little of What You Fancy

Nutrition is the key to getting your body in shape for the summer, but a little treat now and then – like an ice cream on a hot day – will not stop you reaching your goal. Everything in moderation. Enjoy a glass of wine but not a bottle, and don’t beat yourself up if you have a treat and you feel guilty. When you train, do ten minutes more exercise and earn your treats.

Play Games

Look into joining a club that does something fun like netball, football, rugby or hockey. Maybe something you did for fun and enjoyed at school. Chances are if you enjoyed it once you will do again.

Go for a Swim

Swimming is great conditioning for the whole body developing cardiovascular endurance and providing an all over body workout to promote muscular response and growth. This will develop a toned body ideal for the beach. While you are on holiday this summer, try to set yourself swimming goals and then you will have earned the rest (and that cocktail).


A good boxing class is always good fun. Most gyms run boxercise classes or you can get your personal trainer to take you for a session. Get outside and make the most of the summer air. Boxing is a fantastic way of keeping fit and having fun – it is also great for stress relief if you have had a particularly bad day.

Family Fun

Fitness should be fun, not just for you but for the whole family – so get everyone involved. Go for a nice walk or a family trip to the beach or park. Many adults just watch their kids run around but how much would they love it if you joined in with them? Quality time can be fun with a fitness element. There are a wide range of fitness parks in London, so find one in your area.

Pedal Power

Cycling is also a great way to get fit and if you are not a keen runner then cycling is a great alternative. This enables you to achieve good cardio training with low impact on your joints, ideal for people who suffer from pain when running and perfect for getting from A to B!

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