Forever Crazy at The Arts Club

The Crazy Horse is a celebrated cabaret that started in 1951 by artist Alain Bernadin, and is now set to prey on London hosting its show; Forever Crazy. The London Word was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of its exclusive launch at The Arts Club in Mayfair before it starts its regular course beginning during London Fashion Week in September.

The glamour of the event was startling, set in the decadence of Mayfair’s The Arts Club, a venue daintily placed in the realms of London’s elite close the Royal Academy and The Ritz. We were sent underground by beautiful people to the room hosting the event before greeting more beautiful people as we entered and handed a glass of champagne. The event was stylised with glamour, an atmosphere of a plush hotel with gleaming black floors, doting bar staff and modern lighting design, creating the atmosphere of a huge celebration trapped in a small room.

As cabarets go it was well done, with talented dancers and singers as well as something that The Crazy Horse is famous for – it’s aesthetically pleasing imagery and showcasing of inspiration for high fashion. Though admittedly it is hard to miss the mark of gorgeous aesthetics when an event is hosted and performed by beautiful women who have to pass tight guidelines of cup size, (très importante!) height and measurements, while using their dancing skills for dance with an impressive performance in custom made Louboutin heels.

The accumulation of these favourable ingredients results in exactly what Le Crazy Horse’s challenge to Production Director Philippé Decouflé ­­­was: ‘Le Crazy Horse is bringing together in one venue all the elements which make up its challenge of ‘passion: women, bodies, dance, theatre, performance, the culmination of total dedication and exhausting and time-consuming work’.

The show achieves its intentions – it is full of beauty and aesthetics, showcasing itself for the masses that are able to attend a stunning show with lights, breasts, dancing and glamour. The only unfortunate part is that there’s not much more to it than that. The pretence of art when merely providing a platform for partially dressed dancing women in such an established venue seems to make it appear to be a true example of the phrase ‘all fur coat and no knickers’.

Forever Crazy will be running from September 18 to December 24 at:

South Bank
Belvedere Road

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