Champion Style

With the Olympics rapidly approaching, it’s hard not to spare a thought to our own athletic strengths and weaknesses, sporting activity (or lack thereof) and general attitude to exercise. When this coincides with the season of the bikini/desperate hunt for Nigella-esque burkini, we are all susceptible to that kick up the slightly wobbly arse.

In bids to get fit, there are often fears that we women possess, about being seen sweating from every orifice if we attempt an alfresco jog, and about pulling bits out and tucking bits back into our sausage skins – cheers to Lycra and its breathable qualities. Working out isn’t always attractive, but more importantly it’s good for the body, good for the mind and it maintains a chipper little soul.

Friends have often expressed embarrassment in facing blokes when attempting the backwards crab, or trying to discreetly lift weights in the shadows of the gym mirror, but there’s an article somewhere that has it on good merit that men who work out are more attracted to the opposite sex who are also slogging their guts out.

Chances are then, if a bloke’s still interested after catching a glimpse of your face melting into your chin on a second lap of the park, he’ll be all right with meeting up with you when you’ve gone ten rounds of BOGOF cocktails with the girls. Anyway, keeping fit is about you. It’s about your health and fitness and your control over your body.

More than ever before there is a plethora of clothing ranges aimed at keeping us women svelte, comfy, strapped down and fashionable. Furthermore, with Spring/Summer ’12 designers basing collections on ‘sports luxe’ we are lucky to be coming into the sale period of bargain staple pieces that will sportily sort us all year round.

From Adidas by Stella McCartney with her exquisite running jackets and luxury track pants, Bogner basics and Nike essentials to Topshop and Primark’s deals on must-have vests and casual leggings, there is a price point for everyone. As you would with any capsule wardrobe, think smart: a decent sports bra (which can often be found from the likes of Sweaty Betty) and trainers that fit properly are the most essential elements. Invest in those and build on from there.


Image of Barbados women’s trainer

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