Why I Am Voting For… Boris Johnson

I love a political hot potato as much as the next economically-active lady of the 21st century, but nothing makes me smile more than the scrapping that ensues as the London elections approach. And quite frankly, I’m with Boris. Having been Mayor since 2008 he’s shown his undeniable charm time and time again and I’ve been sold ever since.

Boris’ manifesto is one to be applauded; Investing in transport, fighting crime, growing the economy, supporting Londoners, cutting waste and council tax. The things close to any Londoners heart right? So why not give him the vote? He may well be an ex public school boy, a man with a chequered past, he may also have stolen the whole bikes idea from Ken, but I salute the man that is changing the face of London’s infrastructure and vowing to do good for the working man. And his dog.

Conversely it was reported in The Guardian last week that Boris is actually favoured mostly by women due to his (and I quote) ‘potent electoral package of fame, brains and alpha-male tendencies’ I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Boris isn’t the squeaky clean politician others profess to be, he oozes an honesty that only a man once broken could. He has risen from the brink of collapse and the public have caught him with open arms.

As someone who works with the youth of the city, I commend Boris’s efforts to return society to some order. No mean feat, I’m confident that if you start sorting out the little brats at the outset, we wouldn’t be in the riotous mess we find ourselves in 2012. Air quality isn’t top of my agenda for the mayoral race, nor is the need to hand out £30 a week to kids that manage to drag themselves into college all week – so forgive me if I find it hard to support Ken Livingstone and his Smart parking idea that has no bearing on my life at all (especially when reducing congestion in London was the last order!)

Aside from all this, (believe it or not) I don’t usually have strong views on politics, satisfied that they were all dwindling idiots with expense accounts to shame The Times Rich List, I went about my daily business without sparing a thought – but London? London is where it all happens. The ripples of the changes made in our great city felt through the home counties and beyond.

Lizzie’s final thought? Bore off Ken, I love Boris.

Image by World Economic Forum courtesy of Flickr

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  1. Kim Marsh

    Brilliant Lizzie, i completely agree with all your comments and you make a valid point towards Boris. I also dont have strong views about politics but after reading your article it makes me want to know more.

    Keep up the good work,


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