Sponsored Video: Samsung Showcases Flagship Smart TVs

Picture the scene: you’re at work gazing out of your window when suddenly you spot a stunning woman in the building opposite who appears to be waving at you! Sound too good to be true? Well that it might, but it also happens to be the premise of a new video from Samsung which aims to showcase their new 2012 Smart TV technology.

Unveiled to the industry in January 2012 and launched into retail in March, Samsung’s flagship Smart TV offers next-generation interactive features, including Motion Control, Voice Control and Face Recognition. Together, these features allow for a seamless user experience, enabling them to turn the TV on or off, adjust the volume, and even activate the Smart Hub, without the remote control.

‘Smart Interaction technology offers an immersive entertainment experience that can truly bring people together around the central screen of the home—Samsung Smart TV’, said Yoonjung Lee of Samsung. ‘A simple gesture is all it takes to access movies, sports, apps and other Smart Content. Your TV will know why you’re waving— even if others get the wrong idea.’

The viral film, which you can watch below, was conceived and produced by Advertising Agency BETC London. It features a bevy of famous faces, including a top international model as well as stars from other viral videos, such as the muscular star of the famous male grooming adverts who turns up in his usual outfit (ie. wearing just a towel!).

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This post was sponsored by Samsung