Royal Mail to Celebrate Olympics With Special Next-Day Stamps

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you can’t have failed to notice that the Olympics are coming to London in a few month’s time (between 27 July to 12 August to be precise!). As Brits we’re obviously hoping for major success from Team GB and so are the people at the Royal Mail as they’ve just announced the launch of their brand new, next-day, Gold Medal stamps.

Unveiled by gold medallist Sally Gunnell OBE, these special stamps will feature, wherever possible, photographs of the Team GB athlete or team in action from their gold medal winning final. Where this is not possible, the image will be of the athlete’s gold medal winning journey taken from a heat or from their gold medal award moment on the podium.

Royal Mail is leading the way here, as this is the first time any host country has used action shots for Gold Medal stamps and issued them immediately, during the Games. The stamps will be on sale by lunchtime the next day at 500 selected Post Offices across the UK. The special stamps will then be distributed three times during the Games to a further 4,500 Post offices operating as normal across the UK. This is the first time Royal Mail has ever issued next day stamps.

Royal Mail is also participating in other ways during the big games. For example, on the day of the opening ceremony, Royal Mail’s ’Welcome to the Olympic Games’ special stamps will go on sale and they’re also going to become the first postal administration of a host country to issue a set of stamps to celebrate the start of the Paralympics Games.

To find out more you can register your interest now on the Royal Mail’s Be The First website.

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