‘Wham! Bam! Kaboom!’

Too often us Londoners are overly engrossed in work, caught up in a melee of finance-related stress and generally in danger of letting life pass by without just reward or enjoyment for our troubles. Indeed, striking a healthy balance between work and play is no more than a far-fetched fantasy for some.

Wham! Bam! Kaboom! may not be the cure BUT it certainly provides a welcome and entertaining escape from life’s dramas, and a night watching them at the Brickhouse is sure to fill your belly with decent food and laughs aplenty. N.B some hysterical I might add.

So, watching three Spandex-happy mock superheroes prancing around in the fortunate side of nothing and a three-for-the-price-of-one ’90s popstar sidekick brought clarity to what is important in life. Who’d have thought? Not me. But it sure did.

From the moment I realised that Seattle’s finest ‘Boylesque’ superheroes were more Frankie than Danny, I laughed, smiled, grunted, on one occasion I think a snort came out, my way through the performance. And I wasn’t the only one. The team, if I can call them that, were testament to the phrase ‘not taking themselves too seriously.’ Jesus, they could have written the phrase.

And it was very telling because yes it was campness personified, the costumes were probably offensive to the outside world and the plot (an evil swan trying to destroy the world with the help of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, only to fail due to the heroics shown by Luminous PariahParis Original and Trojan Original) was just a fanciful farce, but everyone was enjoying themselves. How could you not? It was a breath of fresh air and a reminder that there is more to life than being stressed.

Whilst it was all very hilarious, it is worth mentioning that there was art and immense skill in amongst all the striptease and chorography. Paris Original’s dancing is mesmerizing throughout and Leeni’s prologues are littered with comic nuances and double entendres, showing that you’d be a fool to mock it.

A quick word on the food, sharing similarities with Trojan Original’s intelligence, it is simple but somehow effective. The Sardinian Fish Melangee is the pick of the mains, the French Bean Salad starter was yummy and both desserts were creamy rather than dreamy.

Wham! Bam! Kaboom! is showing at The Brickhouse on Brick Lane until Saturday 18 June. The show starts at 9pm and costs £10 on a Saturday (free before 7.30pm on a Friday though). Alternatively, make a night of it with dinner from 6.30pm costing £37.50-£42.50 and including a four course meal and the show.

If you haven’t been to The Brickhouse before, you should rectify that. It’s taken the East London stereotype of trendy and cool, added a vintage 1930s speakeasy feel to it and thus created a go-to place, slightly off the beaten track – despite being on Brick Lane – hangout with the option of dinner, a laugh or a boogie. Or all three but that’s just greedy.

The Brickhouse
152C Brick Lane
E1 6RU

Tel: 020 7247 0005

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  1. Colin Heinink

    love your blog.
    “three Spandex-happy mock superheroes prancing around” was always going to be good.
    must check it out.

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