Guilty Pleasures Night at KOKO

Want to go out?

Er, no not really.

Come on, it’s Saturday night. We’re young, we’re hip, we’ve got to find a way of escaping the drudgery of the 9 to 5.

I’ll be all right. I’m real close to finishing this jigsaw puzzle. It’s the second in the series of ‘Captains of Industry’. I’ve already done James Dyson and now I’m part way through Bill Gates.

Puzzles? Captains of industry? What are you on about? We should be out, having fun in a nightclub.

OK, can I be honest with you? I hate nightclubs. I hate that you’ve got to wait in a line for three hours. I hate paying eight quid for a beer. I hate the music and I especially hate having to share space with a bunch of pre-loaded idiots who seem to spend less time dancing and more time posing for photos that they put on Facebook, all in a misguided attempt to show off the massively entertaining life that they lead compared to everyone else.

So it’s a Bill Gates jigsaw puzzle hey?

Sure, we can do it together.

Does this speak to you? Is this your life? Have you reached a point where you hate having to be young because it’s just so knackering? But you can’t admit. You can’t say to people that you are just too tired to go out, David Guetta makes the same song over again and let’s face it, the music in clubs is too loud.

Fortunately there’s an antidote. A place where the emphasis is on having fun rather than posing, and it’s closer than you think. It’s the brainchild of BBC London DJ Sean Rowley who transformed a once a week slot on his radio show to a club night in Camden’s KOKO. Imagine all the cheesy pop in the world and the chance to bop away in a way that is more fitting with a school disco but without all the pubertal anxiety and the chance of getting wedgied by the first XV.

The entertainment includes dancers roller-skating across the stage, all of which contributes to an atmosphere of energetic yet frivolous fun. The night takes place at the end of each month and has a different theme each time. This time it’ll be one big beach party. Even if it’s completely incongruous to the Camden nightlife outside, the atmosphere inside aims to make you forget every semblance of attempting cool.

The next Guilty Pleasures will take place on 26 May at:

1a Camden High Street

Tel: 0870 432 5527

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