My London: X-Press 2

Eclectic house music-making duo X-Press 2 is made up of DJ Diesel and DJ Rocky. Here the latter opens up to The London Word about vivid memories, new music and the Museum of London…

Sitting outside enjoying a plate of something in the warmth on a London evening; nothing beats it.

Richmond park is a big beautiful space with an ace view of St Paul’s. I run and do a lot of my runs in the park. It’s fantastic watching the seasons change as the year passes.

My most vivid London memory? Going to visit the Queen at Buck House when I was really young; four or five.

A perfect London day would start off at Waterloo. I’d have a wander round the South Bank then head over the river and go for pie and mash. After lunch I’d head down to the Museum of London and spend the afternoon looking round there. It really is amazing and I see something different every time I go.

A London night would probably involve a basement venue, maybe somewhere in Dalston and I would be listening to some new music or new DJ. Legendary Children are ace and doing great things at the minute; maybe I’d check them out.

The diversity and the choices we all have make London unique. Whether that’s clubs, music, venues or shops, restaurants… the possibilities are unending. Samuel Johnson was right, “when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life.”

I have never been to Dennis Sever’s house. Looked through the window, but never been in. I love the idea of the whole house looking as if the eighteenth century occupants have just popped out.

We’re stung for money in so many ways; from parking and congestion to public transport and beyond. We’re tapped up by the government at every turn.

I’d go to the old fitness centre in Southwark Street to visit my past; the home of Shoom and the birthplace of acid house culture.

Visit the Museum of London. It’s totally brilliant and I always learn something new when I go.

We don’t have one main inspiration. There are many different musical inspirations but not one person.

There are no secrets [in London] any more. Everyone knows everything.

The film Passport to Pimlico is a bygone London, but it is ace. I could’ve picked any of the Ealing films to be honest but Passport is absolutely my fave.

You really do appreciate what we have in London when you travel.’

X-Press 2’s eagerly anticipated third studio album The House of X-Press 2 is out now on Skint Records. Listen to it here.

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