My London: William Bowerman

London-based William Frederick Bowerman (centre) is a drummer for La Roux, Summer Camp and Brontide. Here he shares his thoughts on London life, ‘Notting Hill’ and The Hunterian Museum in Holborn…

I’m a village boy at heart and Crouch End gives me the perfect in-between of London city living and the community, village life that I enjoyed growing up.

I remember before I moved here, I was visiting some friends. They all had tickets to a show at the Astoria and I didn’t, so I walked around Tottenham Court Road, and into Soho. It was close to Christmas so the lights were on and spirits were high. I sat in a coffee shop and listened to Madeleine Peyroux’s Careless Love whilst looking out the window. It really was one of my happiest moments, and there and then I decided I had to move here at some point.

I think my perfect London day out would read like a Sex in the City episode! It would all be based around shopping and food with my friends. London really does have some of the best clothes shops in the world. It would end in me and my friends going to Bodeans and eating our body weight in BBQ.

I’m not really a night club guy, but the music scene in London is great. The options for music in London are fantastic. I’ve had equally good nights seeing Katy Perry at Shepherds Bush Empire as I have seeing Good Time Boys in the basement at The Cross Keys!

London has a diversity of cultures, of interests. There isn’t just one type of Londoner, and I like that.

I am glued to my BlackBerry so having no signal [on the Tube] makes me actually think about things; things I have to get done that day, or musical ideas I have to get written down. Not in rush hour though. No sir.

I have always wanted to go to The Hunterian Museum in Holborn. My friend says it is a doctor’s museum full of body parts in jars. As morbid as it seems, I think it would make a great day out!

A lady in my local drycleaners when I lived in Limehouse – an Italian lady that had lived in the area for many, many years running her little dry cleaning business – she always thanked me for being kind and commented on how ‘smart’ I looked! She was a beautiful lady. I know that if I went down there today, she would be there, and would greet me with a smile as she always did.

Nothing matters. However bad something feels, it will always get better.

A film like Notting Hill, that’s the London I signed up for, but in reality, living in that house in that area just really isn’t obtainable!

Walking around London at night time, listening to Burial is very fitting. It does make you very paranoid about what’s around the corner though!

People can be very rude sometimes. Mainly on a rainy day, or on a busy tube. The tube at rush hour completely drives me round the twist so I’m one to talk!

I find myself stumbling across parts of London that I visited before I lived here. Studios I rehearsed in or people’s houses we stayed in. The Beggars Banquet offices in Wandsworth, it’s my old band’s record label and was a huge turning point in my teenage life of where I wanted things to go.

Spitalfields market and Brick Lane market on a Sunday; there’s a wonderful vibe down there, and you can pick up the most obscure items for cheap.

To relax, I go to the gym and stay for lunch at Shoreditch House. I will take a book or my laptop, have a drink and sit there for hours. I try and go when most people are at work so it’s nice and quiet.’


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