My London: Lisa Poulon

Festival Director Lisa Poulon coordinates London’s annual Camden Crawl music event. Here she shares her thoughts on Kew Gardens, Hampstead Heath and the meaning of happiness…

Right now I am propping my eyes open at my desk. Been pulling a lot of all-nighters – working sadly – and the coffee is wearing off.

Hampstead Heath is my favourite area of London because it is peaceful and makes you feel like you are on top of the world.

What’s London’s best kept secret? The underground tunnel system.

Arriving from the airport when I moved here on 4 July, 1991, is my most vivid London memory. I was staying with someone I had only met a couple of times before and I think I gave him a bit of a shock when I turned up on his doorstep.

Happiness is being oblivious to being aware of what happiness is.

I like going to the football, gigs, cinema, the pub to relax… depends on my mood. I love going to the pub and I love London in the summertime; a nice walk on Hampstead Heath, followed by a few drinks in the pub.

There is a tendency for London people to be rude and cynical.

Going to a great gig, meeting random people I haven’t met before and ending up on a magical mystery tour of the city would be my perfect London day. It is such a huge melting pot of culture like no other place on earth.

Kew Gardens: I can’t believe I’ve still not been there.

Gordon Ramsay has a potty mouth, much worse than I, and he gets paid for it.

What do I miss most about London when I’m away? Depends on what time of year it is to be honest… usually Spurs football matches.

Go to The Camden Crawl festival. It’s wicked!’

The Camden Crawl takes place over the May Bank Holiday Weekend (May 4 to 6) and features over 300 acts including Death in Vegas.

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