My London: DJ A.Skillz

DJ and producer A.Skillz, aka Adam Mills, on The Queen Vic, Clapham and the London Aquarium…

Back in the day, my band did a gig in the London Aquarium. I had Big Ben in the window behind my drums and a load of fish in front of me – and some punters! At the time it felt pretty special. I’ll always remember that night.

Over the last five or so years I’d say Fabric has been the place where I’ve been able to draw inspiration from watching the crowd, hearing other DJs and taking that energy back to my studio to help me find the path to making club bangers.

I’ve never been to Albert Square. Can’t find that sucker anywhere! Really wanna go down there and have a pint in The Queen Vic.

There’s no one more “London” than Abel Reynolds, my manager! You should be interviewing him he actually knows shit about London.

The Correspondents’ What Happened to Soho is the song that best encapsulates London.

I don’t consider not being in London to be “away”. When I’m in London I’m “away”. I don’t really miss London itself, just the people who are there.

Everyone assumes you must live [in London] if you do music and you live in the UK. Like nowhere else exists. Driving in London; that’s one of my least favourite things to do in life.

Red Bus Studios on Edgware Road; that would take me way back to my drumming days when I was in a band.

Clapham is a generally a bit more chilled and I can get the hell out of London quite easily from there.

I don’t go anywhere in London to relax. If I was in London and I wanted to relax I would get the train out of London.

The biggest inspiration in my life? Not gonna say who it is, but it’s someone that had more shit to deal with than anyone I’ve ever known yet they smiled and laughed every day of their life.’

A.Skillz is playing Basscamp Festival, April 2 to 6 in Morzine, France.


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