My London: Anchorsong

Masaaki Yoshida, aka Anchorsong, is a 31-year-old musician from Tokyo who’s currently living in London. Here he shares his thoughts on London Dungeons, springtime and what makes him stressed…

I’m living in London now. I’ve been playing music as Anchorsong since I came to the UK four years ago.

Tower Bridge; whenever I cross it, I realise how much I like this city and it makes me want to contribute to it as a musician.

The very first gig I did in London was at The Brickhouse in Brick Lane, and I played in front of people sitting behind tables and eating steaks. It turned out the host of the event was a well-known actor, but unfortunately I can’t recall his name.

My perfect London day would involve a cycle along the Thames from Tower Bridge to Big Ben and eating roasted peanuts from the stand on Westminster Bridge. In the evening I’d have dinner at Asakusa first and then pop into KOKO.

London’s urbanity doesn’t ruin the historical aspect of the city. It’s very impressive to me because I’m from Tokyo which is extremely well-developed and almost everything looks modern there.

Kate Bush: nobody can be as eccentric as her.

I get stressed when I have to stay at home all day to receive a parcel, unlike in Japan where we can designate the arrival time and they’re always on time.

I like spring in London. It’s warm, and I don’t have to suffer from hayfever like I used to when I was living in Tokyo!

My favourite area of London is the riverside of the Thames. To sit on the bank and just stare at the flow makes my head empty and relaxed.

I’m always tempted to go to London Dungeons every time I pass by, but I just happen to be carrying too much equipment to pop in.

A singer named Kerry Leatham – she’ll be huge one day. I saw her singing at Notting Hill Arts Club for the first time in 2008.

My parents allowed me to do whatever I wanted to, and I wouldn’t have been here if they weren’t supportive.

I’d recommend Londoners visit other countries so that they understand how unique this city is and be able to appreciate it more.’

Anchorsong plays a very special live set at Cargo on March 22 as part of the ‘Chapters’ Tour, 7 to 11pm at:

83 Rivington Street

Tel: 020 7739 3440

Tickets available at: www.soundcrashmusic.com

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