Top Five Things to do in Buenos Aires

Give Buenos Aires a good few days to settle in and have a look around. Whether you’re a meat-loving foodie, a Tango-inspired muso or a history buff, there are plenty of things to sink your teeth into…

Be a night owl

Rock up to a club in BA at around 11pm and you’ll have a long wait on your hands. The fiesta doesn’t usually start until around 2am and you’ll be dancing until the birds are singing outside. These guys and girls are fantastic dancers and they’re only too happy to twirl you around the sound of Latin American beats. Have a fernet and coke (or three) and let loose.

Explore Recoletta Cemetery

A little town in itself, this beautiful enclave of tombs and gravestones is an amazing place to explore. Look out for Evita’s final resting place (she’s buried under her maiden name Duarte in the family tomb).

Gorge yourself in a parrilla

Argentineans each eat around 100kgs of meat a year. So it’s no wonder they know their stuff when it comes to sparking up a BBQ (or asado). Try juicy grilled chicken, ribs, sausage (particularly blood sausage) and sweetmeats. Steak, especially bife de chorizo, is the star of the show. Breaded steak or steak topped with ham and a fried egg are also really tasty.

Soak up café culture

Palermo is a chic barrio with plenty of hangouts to pass the time in. Explore cool boutiques and little galleries then watch the world go by with a café con leche. San Telmo is also a really pretty area to absorb. With a huge Sunday Market and a buzzy nightlife scene, it’s best at the weekend.

Check out some Tango

Many tourists will only catch some tango in a tourist enclave like La Boca, where shows are put on while visitors munch on empanadas and pizza. However, this heart-wrenching dance isn’t just to please happy snappers from the tour bus. Porteños of all ages love tango. From little smoky bars with tango singers, to big scale productions, to nightclubs, to park bandstands, tango is everywhere. Let a local take you by the hand and try it for yourself.

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3 Responses

  1. For an alternative afternoon out in the city, try Foto Ruta, a clue based photography exploration activity that introduces tourists to less touristy barrios and teaches them how to take creative photos!

  2. Robert

    This is a good basic list of things to do in the city, but why not recommend some of the more off the beaten path?
    -Feria de Mataderos
    -Visit a milonga

    Try an alternative tour like:
    -Graffiti tour
    -The Man Tour (Find this*, it’s great and not very well known)
    -An estancia (country ranch house)

  3. Cath Millman

    Thanks for your additions – keep them coming! BA deserves a Top 50 I know.

    I went across the water to Uruguay to check out some of the estancias outside Colonia and Montevideo. Less touristy and great for horseback riding!

    The grafitti tour is also a good shout – great for photos. Speaking of photos I will try out Foto Ruta next time – cheers!

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