My London: Punks Jump Up

Joe Attard and David Andersson of Punks Jump Up produce, DJ and play keyboards. Here they open up about Malcolm McLaren, Exmouth Market and getting messy in Hackney…

Right now we’re in our studio in Ladbroke Grove working on our next masterpiece. We’re also just about to release our new EP called Get Down (Special CCCrash Mixx) on Kitsuné. We just came back from doing a gig in Stockholm and also just finished a remix for Ladyhawke’s new single!

Clerkenwell is our favourite area of London. It has lots of good memories. It has changed a lot but it’s still got the vibe! Fond memories include raves in an old swimming pool. The pie and mash place in Exmouth Market is legendary and the Record Shack in Chapel Market is also worth mentioning.

Our most vivid memory? Being chased by skinheads down Exmouth Market! We passed this pub where there had been some Oi! gig and they clocked us. We thought they were gonna beat us up with their electric guitars.

Our perfect London day out would involve record shopping in Soho, followed by lunch at Taro on Brewer Street then pints down the Cock and Bottle in Westbourne Grove.

A messy night out in Hackney would start with food at Numara Bos Cirrik on Stoke Newington High Street, then down to Dalston Superstore for drinks and good music. After that The Dolphin in Hackney for late night drinks.

In London everything is on your doorstep. There is an incredible variety and history. It doesn’t matter how small or obscure your interests might be, there is a scene for it. Film, music, fashion, food; It’s all here.

Ladbroke Grove, the area where our studio is, has got so much great history in music and trends. Rough Trade record shop, The Clash, Carnival, Powis Square where Performance, the movie, was shot. It’s all been gentrified now but if you know a little about popular culture, you can still soak up the vibes.

Mick Jones and John Lydon both sum up our London in equal measures.

Haggle Vinyl on Essex Road, where the owner is a proper good old fashioned London eccentric, is London’s best kept secret. You can just stroll in and find the most amazing things; if you’re prepared to get your hands dirty that is. If you’re lucky you might get a good story from the owner. His bark is worse than his bite!

The film Breaking Glass with Hazel O’Connor really sums up young London in the ‘80s; the times, music and style.

We always allow one hour to get anywhere in London. David has resorted to just using a bike as transportation.

The pace and energy, the grit and the characters make up our London. Oh, and the Jamaican food!

Malcolm McLaren is an inspiration because without his contribution we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing. He was a true visionary. Love him or hate him, he was creating and predicting our current times way before anyone else.’

Punks Jump Up’s new single, Get Down, is out now on Kitsuné


See Punks Jump Up on YouTube.

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