Hassle Free Winter Sun

It’s February, it’s officially freezing, and the New Year’s resolutions have shrivelled away like açaí berries left out in the sun. As us work-crazed Londoners pick up the pace in the office, we can’t help but fantasise about a week of just doing… nothing.

Stop worrying about whether your journey home will be delayed again tonight, and just imagine it for a second. White sands, crystal blue water, a cocktail with a sparkly umbrella poking you in the face every time you take a sip. The prickly sensation on your skin as it reacts to sunlight, the knots in your back slowly unravelling as you secretly listen to your least cool music on your iPod. Sounds good doesn’t it?

If you’re dreaming about some time away from it all to catch up on some trashy reading and laze around in the sun, I’ve got three easy-peasy travel ideas that won’t worry a hair on that little head of yours.

Now’s a great time to visit Florida. This summertime state is prone to rain and hurricanes during the British summer months (not to mention thousands of Disney daytrippers in the school holidays).

Flanked by both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, Florida has a beach to suit everyone’s tastes. Take motorbikes across Daytona Beach, chill out on Clearwater beach or catch some waves just about anywhere, depending on your ambitions.

With a service culture that could fake-charm its way out of a paper bag, your biggest worry will be how you’ll fit in the cheese fries as well as the lobster claw bucket. Feast on food, then catch a movie – no subtitles needed!

Another hotspot for hassle-free rays is tourist enclave Cancun. Virgin Holidays are doing some good deals to this popular Mexican retreat. While nestled in your beautiful resort you won’t exactly be experiencing the ‘real’ Mexico – but with stress-induced headaches as bad as yours, you deserve to take some time out. Save the overlanding and homestays for another time. If you manage to get out of bed before midday, head to La Pasteleria for breakfast (ask in the hotel, they’ll know the place).

Luxury with an exotic edge can be found in Dubai. Living in an air conditioned palace and being driven from place to place, you won’t have to worry about finding your way around. Sit back, relax, have a non-alcoholic cocktail and enjoy the cutting edge architecture glistening in the sunshine.

This exciting city is already in the high 20s this time of year, so it’s worth avoiding high summer at all costs. The beaches will not disappoint. Go sailing or just snooze under a palm tree until teatime.

Next time: Paris, Je t’aime…

Image courtesy of Flickr

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