Thai Massage at Sabai Leela

Every now and then I realise how little I know about the body I live in. Let’s face it, how much do you really listen to your body? How often do you do what’s best for it? Well, in my case, not a lot and not often are the answers to those questions. Life can be busy, and making sure that I drink the odd vitamin-enriched smoothie is about the extent to which I look after myself!

This is why it’s a good job that help is in on hand to fix those problems and make yourself feel new again! Yes, I’m talking about massages. After a Christmas full of eating and drinking followed by a stressful two weeks back at work, I’d booked myself in for a Thai Combination Massage at Sabai Leela around the corner from Earls Court tube station.

This was to be the second professional massage I’ve ever had, so I’m still new to the experience. For instance, when you’re given a robe to put on, how many of your own clothes are you supposed to remove? All of them? I stuck with the safe option and kept my pants on – best to avoid any awkward scenes! (I’m pretty sure that’s the correct thing to do). So, after putting my clothes in the locker provided I was led to a softly-lit room with a table in the middle complete with soothing music.

The masseuse briefly exited while I laid face-down on the table and was soon back to get started with the Combination Massage. I could be wrong, but I think it started with her walking up and down on me. That sounds a little absurd, but that is what it felt like. My face was pointing towards the floor so I didn’t really know what was going on up there. But how could someone of such petite frame be capable of exerting that much downward pressure?

Don’t get me wrong, it felt good and perhaps one of the things I’ve noticed in my limited experience of massages is I’m not really sure what body part they use to massage you with. I guess your body adjusts to the sensation, and I was left thinking: whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!

The masseuse expertly worked each area using oils with a mixture of gentle stretches, deep tissue manipulation and acupuncture points. My one-hour session went by in a flash, and I was left feeling relaxed but also extremely flexible. The stiffness in my back had gone and I felt rejuvenated. As nice as smoothies are, they won’t make you feel this good!

I used to think massages were a luxury item, like ordering caviar or champagne. Now I would say it is as important as regular exercise or eating healthily. It is both relaxing and very good for the body.

Before leaving I was offered a detox tea and encouraged to sit and relax before braving the London rush-hour, which is a nice touch.

Sabai Leela also offers use of their herbal steam and sauna rooms before your treatment if you can arrive 30 minutes early, and if my schedule had allowed I would have definitely taken advantage of that!

A one-hour Combination Massage costs £55, going up to £80 for 90 minutes and £105 for 120 minutes. They offer a wide range of other treatments too.

Sabia Leela
282 Old Brompton Road

Tel: 020 7373 7763

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