Feast of St Martin – November 11

The eve of St Martin has been celebrated since times of antiquity, in honour of the fable of the soldier who cut his cloak in half to save a freezing beggar.

This November 11, London food collaborative Parlour Tricks will celebrate the ancient feast of Martinmas with a banquet of English victuals, mead and music.

Commencing in a Dalston vault, revelers will be led by lantern-light to The Old Boys Club for a supper made by chefs Phillip Granell and Russ Oxtoby, previously of Michelin star restaurant The Greenhouse.

Granell, who trained in both Cordon Bleu and the classical violin, grew up around fine dining at his uncle’s restaurant, Milton Sanford in Berkshire: ‘I remember the heady smell of perfume and posh sauces; a smell which still excites me today when I walk into a dining room’. He now splits his time between his El Rincon mobile tapas stand and fronting the alternative gypsy band, Chancery Blame and the Gadjo Club.

The St Martin’s evening of fine food and wine will include interactive elements of theatre and music, bringing together chefs, waiting staff and party organisers from the festival scene with a shared passion for food and drink. ‘The Feast of St Martin is a great story of kindness,’ says Granell. ‘One element of Parlour Tricks is that whilst we want guests to enjoy great food and wine, we also want to bring a social edge to the events. This is why we are proud to be raising money and awareness of local Dalston charity Rhythms of Life, which helps to feed thousands of homeless people in the area every week. I love the idea of resurrecting traditional feast days that have been happening for thousands of years, first as Pagan festivals then later as Christian festivals or saint’s days. Our menu reflects this with classic, traditional English ingredients and combinations given a modern reworking. St Martin is the patron saint of wine and wine makers, alchoholics and recovering alchoholics – make of that what you will!’

Traditionally Martinmas is the day to first taste the new wines, so Parlour Tricks have asked The Wine Pantry to provide fresh young English wines to compliment their menu. As the feast is a celebration of local food, all produce is being sourced from England and Wales.

‘All our partners, from Sipsmith to The Wine Pantry, to our online ticket sales company, are local,’ adds Granell. ‘And we love a party! We wouldn’t be happy with just throwing an exquisite dinner. We want people to party the night away.’

The evening’s entertainment will include a special selection of uniquely English music, from the beautiful English Rose that guests will hear deep in the caverns as they eat their oysters, to DJs Mojo Filter and Fear of Theydon playing earthy electro folk, to a very special secret band who are at the forefront of an English folk revolution. All this while drinking from the site’s English cocktail bar which will provide sparkling wine cocktails and apple martini’s with Sipsmith’s outstanding gin and vodkas and delicious local beers and cider. Tankards of Sipsmith cocktails, English wines and London ales will fire the bellies of feasters, who will dance to live music late into the night.

Tickets cost £55, inclusive of a 5-course dinner + matching wines + an after party.

The reception will take place at 7.30pm; the location revealed when booking at www.parlour-tricks.com.

The Feast of St Martin dinner and party takes place on Friday 11 Novemeber at:

The Old Boys Club
68 Boleyn Road
N16 8JG

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