Tie Rack’s Black Label

The launch of Black Label, the premium accessories range from the people behind Tie Rack, was held, rather surprisingly, at the Ice Bar. You know, the bar made entirely from ice? I have, in all honesty, always found the idea of this somewhat off-putting (and, I have to say, not a little bit tacky) and in my head I had dismissed it as the sort of thing that appeals mostly to tourists and teenagers – i.e. something that I don’t know much about, but assumed I probably wouldn’t be interested anyway.

This is in fact much the same way I feel about Tie Rack. Tie Rack is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It’s deeply familiar to me as a brand, yet if asked to name the location of one, I wouldn’t know, apart from I am aware there is probably one in any major London station I could care to name. As they’ve been around forever, I assume they’re doing something right, which I imagine is practical accessories for business and city types, sold at convenient locations.

When I arrived at the Black Label launch, I was initially relieved that the main reception was being held in the bar before the Ice Bar, and the icy session was reserved for a short slot later on in the proceedings. However, my attention was captured by the goods I was shown – soft leather bags in genuinely covetable styles, pretty silk scarves and even some retro spectacle frames that I took rather a shine to.  Menswear was a triumph – smart and on-trend, and totally bridging the gap in the market between high end and high street. The prices are astoundingly reasonable given the quality of the materials and the desirability of the designs.

So impressed was I, that before I knew it, I had spent a good 45 minutes eyeballing the product and chatting to the various company execs that were on hand to talk shop, and it was ice bar time. The collection had taken me by surprise so much that for the first time the idea of a bar made of ice in minus five degrees Celsius sounded like something I’d like to try, so I buttoned up and gave myself the Ice Bar experience. And funnily enough, it was great fun. A brand that I would previously have dismissed launching at a venue I would previously have dismissed – yet I came away persuaded otherwise by both.

To find out more about Tie Rack’s Black Label range, visit their website.

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