For many, the grass is always greener on the other side of the pond, but as much as I love New York City, I’ll always come home to London. 

At first glance, the Big Smoke just doesn’t have as much bite as the Big Apple. The Statue of Liberty is much sexier than Big Ben, Times Square outshines Piccadilly Circus, and The Empire State Building dwarfs anything in London (even once the shard has sliced its way to the top). 

Brash and exciting, NYC is a real life movie set where even a walk through Washington Square Park with an Everything Bagel is a brilliant novelty (that’s where Sally drops off Harry before they begin their new lives).

By contrast, London shuffles about in the wings, apologising profusely. But it needn’t bother. It’s a wonderful mishmash of ancient heritage, crazy culture and world-changing history. Where else would Jimi Hendrix and Handel be neighbours (albeit a couple of hundred years apart)? 

One of my favourite pubs has been thriving since the 17th Century – no New Yorker can say that. They may have had Studio 64, but we have Café de Paris

By comparison, our North American companions are somewhat lacking in established establishments (‘and this Chicken ‘n’ Ribs Shack was founded in Nineteen SEVENTY FOUR!’) 

London has staying power – its buildings and sights that have mushroomed for generations and made their mark on an ever-changing world. And after 2,000 years, London’s still ahead of it’s game. A style capital, a musical epicentre and an Olympic playground – it has everything going for it. 

In the end it all comes down to taste. Bars or pubs? Broadway or the West End? Williamsburg or Shoreditch? Lofts or townhouses? Pancakes or fry ups? Football or soccer? The list goes on. 

Sharing a pizza in the Lower East Side, hitting balls in the Bronx, or getting lost in the Met, I feel a part of something really special. NYC is my perfect weekend. But LDN is for keeps. 

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