Bikeminded’s Cake and Coffee Cruise

Ah, the combining of cake, chatting and some exercise thrown in just to make you feel good about yourself. Sounds perfect. And it’s happening next Saturday.

Bikeminded is a site for cyclists around the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to connect and stay up to date with cycling news. Not content, however, with just broadcasting new cycling routes and bicycle information, they also organise events and activities for the cycling community – and generally anyone who owns a bike and wants to get involved – to take part in.  And one of them has caught my eye.

Yup, it involves cake. Just assume that if there’s cake involved, I’m interested. There’s a pavlova in the oven as I type.

The event is a two and a half hour gentle cruise around the Royal Borough in a group, stopping off at lovely little cafes along the way to drink coffee and eat cake. And you know that the Royal Borough has some seriously nice cafes.

The thing about it is that too many people who live in London – or perhaps you’re just new to the city – don’t know about the beautiful little streets and elegant atmosphere. We do, as a city, spend far too much time underground, not really being aware of how all our surroundings fit together. That’s a real shame, given how wonderful much of London which isn’t necessarily directly adjacent to a tube stop is. When you see it from a bike, you discover streets you didn’t even know were there and are introduced to a new side of the city.

This is a nice way to get to know some of the people in your area, or some like-minded (bikeminded) people who like to get around London on two wheels. It’s also a good opportunity for getting used to cycling in London – in a group, you’re safer.  The route goes from Notting Hill through Knightsbridge and onwards to Chelsea.

This is an event for everyone – they’re taking care of cycling novices who might be a bit nervous about navigating the London streets and dodging traffic with Royal Borough marshals. They’ve neatly negotiated the parking issue, too, with valet cycle parking while you’re scoffing cake. The whole event costs a pretty damn low £5 per person – and yes, that includes the refreshments.

Obviously, this is not one for the seriously sporty types who are looking to burn 1000 calories, but it is exercise, and hopefully you’ll burn as many calories as you consume in cake, which makes it completely guilt-free face-stuffing. What more could you ask?

Ideally, you need to have your own bike to do this, but if you can’t get your hands on one then a Barclays Bike docking station is nearby the start of the cruise, and you can pick one up from there. The cruise begins at 1.30pm (at a location revealed when you book) and goes on until 4pm (you have to factor in a bit of time for the relaxation!).

You’ll need to book your place on the cruise – there are a limited number available. To do so, visit their website.

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