HTC’s ChaCha & Salsa With Integrated Facebook – Ideal for Busy Londoners!

Between a hard day at work and a night out enjoying the best of London, it can be tricky to find the time to check in with your friends on Facebook (especially if your boss has decided it’s not a ‘valid use of your time’!).

Well one solution may be the new ChaCha or Salsa handset from HTC. They’ve fully integrated Facebook in to both phones to bring you “Facebook like never before”, complete with a dedicated Facebook button to help you share photos and video the moment you capture them.

The phones come with an integrated Facebook chat widget that allows you to switch between multiple private conversations in real time. You can sync the phone with your Facebook account so you won’t miss birthdays and other events and also they’ll both provide a real-time status ticker which will stream your friend’s latest updates.

Both handsets run the Android Gingerbread 2.3 OS which is complemented by HTC’s Sense ‘experience’. The o2-exclusive Salsa also comes with a 5MP camera complete with Carl Zeiss lens, dedicated capture key, autofocus and dual LED flash. There is also a forward facing camera which comes in handy for video calls. Connectivity wise you have support for HSDPA (7.2Mbps), Bluetooth, Wifi (b/g/n) as well as an internal GPS antenna.

The ChaCha comes with a Blackberry-esque QWERTY keyboard which may come in handy given the number of messages and updates you’ll be likely to be posting to your Facebook account. Again it comes with a autofocus 5MP color camera as well as a VGA front camera. Connectivity is similar to the Salsa, with HDSPA support, Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS all provided.

To find out more about either handset, head over to this page on o2 or their dedicated Facebook page. You can also view examples of how the handsets integrate with FB on this YouTube page.

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