Ethical Fashion’s Latest Brands

The ethical fashion market is booming and it’s easy to see why when you hear the horror stories behind some of the world’s top fashion houses. We’re all guilty of admiring the catwalk and fantasising about a new designer piece but do we ever pause to consider the harsh reality behind the glamour?

Every day 6,000 people in the industry die from work-related accidents or diseases which could have been prevented and as more figures emerge they play on our conscience and consumers are now interested in the ethics behind fashion. Until recently ethical brands have suffered the stereotype of unimaginative designs but today’s designers have started to change this perception.

Aware of the demand for quality ethical goods which reflect and set the trend, NV London Calcutta designs stunning bags and accessories whilst fighting to improve conditions for its workers in India. The brand has collaborated with renowned paper cut artist Rob Ryan, creating a stunning silk wrap scarf entitled These Same Stars. A must-have piece for fashion and art fans alike! If you want to buy these guilt-free treats go directly to the website, or head out to an ethical fair in London.

Ethical Just Got Fabulous is the ideal starting point. Here, new designers, fabulous fabrics and stylish flair come together. Top London-based brands are promoted through fairs which offer an innovative twist in layout. With options ranging from chic and elegant to trendy and casual, I found it impossible to keep within my budget but there’s a real sense of satisfaction knowing you’re supporting such bold designers who care about improving social and environmental issues around the globe. You can find out about upcoming events and discover all the brands it represents on its website.

London Fashion Week has been encouraging the move towards morally acceptable fashion, showcasing up-and-coming ethical designers in its popular Esthetica range, now in its tenth season. My personal favourite SS11 collection comes from Emesha, founded in 2008 by Emesha Nagy, a graduate of London College of Fashion who has previously worked with the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Jasper Conran. Her gorgeous tailored cuts enhance the feminine silhouette.

Using top quality, eco-friendly materials that are 100 per cent biodegradable, Emesha supports the deprived fashion community in Hungary by promoting fair wages.  Like many of us, she hopes this initiative will take off within the industry.

The trend is catching. Even high street retailers and supermarkets are getting involved with the Ethical Trading Initiative, which helps protect workers’ rights across the globe. The initiative encourages companies to take responsibility for the treatment of their employees, promote fair wages and ensure better working conditions and you can view a full list of the companies that take part on their website. Definitely a fashionable trend worth following!

Image by tezzr courtesy of Flickr

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