The London Map of Fashion

Ah London. Don’t you just love it? London is full of the most stylish and trendsetting folk in the world (ok, I could be biased here!).

If I’m ever feeling in need of a little style inspiration, I find that all I have to do is head into London town and people-watch for a couple of hours. Very quickly I’m struck with a renewed sense of style and fresh ideas to bring into my own wardrobe.

My favourite thing about fashion in London has to be the awesome divide in north, south, east and west London style. Just a couple of miles and a few tube stops separate the areas, and yet the style and stores are as different as night and day. Below, you’ll find a little breakdown of the style of each part of London, and my personal favourite shopping haunt in each.

In the west, you have the Yummy Mummies of Notting Hill, shopping in exclusive little boutiques, and the fabulous temptation of the Great British high street, made apparent by the omnipresent Oxford Street. Here, hoards of fashionistas, teenyboppers and shopaholics strut the streets in search of the latest fashion must-have.

In Notting Hill, head to Rellik, the best vintage store in west London and a favourite haunt of fashionistas such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. On Oxford Street, it has to be H&M. Totally affordable and far more interesting than Topshop!

In the north, you have the avant-garde style of Camden Town, where goths, emos, punks, hippies and tourists linger, looking for the perfect statement piece to round off their weird and wonderful ensembles, and Primrose Hill where even more Yummy Mummies pound the pavements in their MBTs and stylish designer wardrobes. You’ll always find something fabulous (and most likely overpriced) in Primrose Hill. Head to Anna, a boutique that stocks labels such as Halston Heritage, DVF, Joseph and Tibi to name a few.

Heading south, you have of course the golden streets of Knightsbridge and Sloane Square. Here, the style is rich, distinguished and oh-so-fabulous. The uber rich locals and tourists strut around the Harrods and Harvey Nicks food departments finding caviar and smoked salmon for their suppers, and to Christian Dior and Miu Miu to pick up the latest designer must-haves. Head to Harvey Nichols – more stylish and less intimidating than Harrods!

Then finally, you have the ultra coolness of east London. My personal favourite! Here, young trendy things break all the rules, girls dress in brogues and capes, vintage and charity shop steals and walk around with battered satchels and briefcases instead of designer clutches and Chloe’s.

My two favourite vintage finds are Absolute Vintage and Beyond Retro. The latter is slightly more reasonable, and you’re guarenteed to find something fabulous and unique in both!

No matter which part of London you travel to, it’s like a giant fashion show. You can’t help but get inspired by the style this city has to offer. So grab a coffee and perch yourself on a bench, whether it’s north, south, east or west London and be prepared for some major fashion inspiration!

Image by Cristiano Betta courtesy of Flickr

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  1. Natalia Silva

    I traveled to england 6 months ago, and it is so expensive to do anything there now. Have you checked out the fashion at Diagon Alley? I couldn’t find it.


  2. Boiler Repair

    I’ve lived in London all of my life and it really is the place for fashion, with a selection of great shops there is always something for you to find. I’m still to look in Absolute Vintage and judging by their website I’m sure to find something I like.

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