The Vintage Furniture Flea

Here at Shopping & Style we certainly know how to shop; it comes with the territory really. We have to value our career and become experts in the field. Unsurprisingly, occupational hazards are a given, and these can wreak havoc on our home lives.

For one, my home can never be tidy. Ever. There are jumpers strewn around the kitchen, tea dresses draped over the sofa and I even found a fur stole planning its escape in our hallway. There is simply so much stuff that it has to spill out into every living space that we have.

It’s getting to the stage where it is not just the clutter of material that is becoming problematic, it’s becoming treacherous for my poor furniture. The usual flatpack, build-it-where-it-intends-to-stand fare just simply doesn’t cut it any more. When trying to prise open one of several storage units in my bedroom to find something to wear for work (of course I had nothing), I had a moment of realisation. Forcing open various items of furniture is a daily battle that I have to face with my obsession.

So when Judy Berger, TV stylist and swap-shop phenomenon, anounced that after her success curating Vintage at Goodwood and Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair she was to branch out into The Vintage Furniture Flea a few months ago, I was the first in line to bring even more vintage into my life. In search of some sturdy furniture that has stood the test of time and could therefore hopefully cope with my little problem, I was instantly hooked as soon as I stepped into York Hall.

Comprising over 35 of the UK’s leading furniture and homeware savants, each ‘flea’ brings together a myriad of different stock from the ’50s through to the ’70s, all under one roof. A bustling melting pot of high-end pieces by the likes of Ercol, G Plan and Hilleplan alongside radios, ’60s lampshades, retro crockery and film paraphernalia, The Vintage Furniture Flea ticks all boxes; there’s nothing better to do than spend a Sunday afternoon at Bethnal Green’s York Hall perusing the potential finds that make your home a vintage haven.

I’m always a little wary of buying vintage furniture as it conjures images of diabolically over-priced pieces that are ridden with woodworm and reek of mothballs. But The Vintage Furniture Flea is full of amazing, affordable finds, emulating Brooklyn’s market culture. Go on, try out one of London’s best kept secrets. We won’t say a word if you don’t.

The next Vintage Furniture Flea is on Sunday 27 March at:

The Vintage Furniture Flea
York Hall
Bethnal Green
E2 9PJ

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