Tween Ties-Up London Fashion Week

There I was on Temple’s tube platform – free Tween tote bag in hand – and I felt a little sick. Never in my life has fashion been so forcefully and speedily shoved down my throat…

But like some kind of recovering smack addict I was already getting withdrawal symptoms.

It had been a hard-hitting rush of fashion, flashes and catwalk shows and I was worried where I might find my next hit! Don’t worry though, this wasn’t me stopping pedestrians in the street and begging them to walk by again in Bora Aksu. If I was going to fashion-force passers by it would at least be in Tween, who were the perfect end to the perfect high.

As the menswear day rolled on I was excited to see what the final show of London Fashion Week had to offer. The entrance music as we all found our seats was a big indicator of what the evening might hold – an orchestral epicness filled the room as the fashion fans waited on baited breath.

For some strange reason The Lord of the Rings came to mind (too many violin strings + too many free coffees perhaps??) but what came down the catwalk runway was actually not far off what Frodo and his fellowship would be wearing.

It’s an odd connection but you’ve got to see it for yourself because the first thing you’ll notice about the Tween collection is the rolled-up rugs and tied-up coats hanging off the belts and backs of each model. They looked like muddy metropolitan men ready to scale a mountain or hike a cross-continent expedition.

It was the coolest camping expedition I’ve ever seen!

Muddy is the right word as well. Many of this season’s designers have shown us that autumn and winter will be defined by the colours you would expect: black, blue, brown and beige… Maybe even throw in some emerald green and grey for good measure.

The label – designed by Istanbul legend Gunes Guner Işik – was pushing the city guy who wasn’t afraid to test the masculine stereotype. Sure, you can go envy the deep V-necks and purple tights of any east London pleb – or even the letter-jacket revival of any group of jocks – but the man you’ll want to be is the Tween guy…

Tween were all about the rolled-up trousers (with colourful hemlines to add a speck of dazzle to your ankles), chunky knits, waistcoats, quilted trenches, thigh-length leather coats and turtlenecks. He looked understated but stylish, casual but super cool. You also don’t know how happy I am that the turtleneck is looking cool and un-Dad-like!

This is where Tween excelled actually. Anything above the belt was superbly shaped, designed and coloured. JW Anderson had shown us some tight-fitting knits earlier in the day but these looked a little bit too ‘creation’ and ‘concept’. Tween on the other hand were mastering the torso and the line looked much more casual and wearable.

I have got to admit, I knew very little about the label before tonight but – and this is what’s great about London Fashion Week – your regular style-thinking, wardrobe-wishing and shopping list will definitely change by the last show. Mine changed on the last show and it changed for Tween!

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