Beautiful Brows at Blink

I had envisaged returning to London after my extended Christmas break as being a bit more glamorous than it actually was in reality.

Most foolish Londoners spend January suffering the self-destructive effects of a month’s binge, when aerobic sessions were replaced by alcoholic sessions and chilly winds wreak havoc on the fairest of complexions.

But I was clever this year. I went on holiday, and when I returned I had envisaged wandering the streets of London, amongst the minions with their pasty faces, illuminating them with my glowing aura courtesy of sun-kissed skin and relaxed wellbeing having escaped the office to a nomadic existence on a beach.

How I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Yes, admittedly when stepping off  the plane at Heathrow’s Terminal 4, like everyone else, I had that holiday glow. However, within about 10 minutes of stepping onto the London Underground, it was gone, banished to the darkest depths of my memory for another year.

And it wasn’t even a case of reverting back to how I looked pre-holiday. It was far worse. See, the tan gives you something of an ego boost, allowing you to let other things slide in a false sense of security that others will be so dazzled by your radiance that they won’t notice that  your eyebrows haven’t seen a pair of tweezers for the past month.

It’s not even the lack of tweezing that gets to me. I could swear that my eyebrows know, and sensing the lack of tweezer action, hairs sprout from where I never knew they existed.

Thank god for Blink Brow Bars. They really have been my saviour from being scouted out by the circus. For within ten minutes in the chair, I was hair-free, with all that was left being a pair of perfectly formed eyebrows that any Hollywood starlet would be proud to show off. 

This ancient technique of threading is quick and pain-free and can nip even the baddest-behaving brows into shape. The best bit as well is that as it pulls the hairs straight from the root, so brows beware: it’ll take even longer for those blighters to return. To top it off, the ‘stress’ of sitting in a chair for ten minutes can be rectified by the complimentary head massage.

Blink is a pioneer of the quick-stop threading shop, opening the first threading bar way back in 2004 when most of us had never even heard of the technique. The first bar, opened by Vanita Parti in Fenwick of Bond Street, aimed to provide a quick step to eyebrow perfection in central London. Six years and over a quarter of a million pairs of eyebrows per year later, Blink is at the top of its game.

And if this isn’t enough, it has also recently added a variety of new treatments to its menu including the ever-so-now ayurvedic massages that are amazing. I was treated to a key back massage, which uses oils that restore balance depending on your body type, leaving you ready and waiting to face the world again.

Get brow-beautiful and more at one of Blink’s many London bars. With new venues being launched at Peter Jones, Sloane Square and Space NK stores in Cheapside and Fenchurch Street.


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