ALICE by Temperley Party

The fashion crowd headed to West London for ALICE by Temperley’s first birthday party at The Paradise in Kensal Green last Thursday. The dress code for the night was English Eccentrics which meant there was a lot of fur, tweed and massive headwear as everyone went as mad as possible to try and outdo each other.

The night didn’t get off to the best start as I pulled my camera out to take a picture and found I had no battery. Luckily I then ran into a friend who lent me a far better camera and away we went to check out what the night had in store. We stopped at the bar to take advantage of the complimentary Chambord and Grey Goose Vodka cocktails, which seemed to be going down a treat with the partygoers, and then went for a dance as Ellie Goulding took to the DJ booth.

As we lined up to have our picture taken in the vintage photo booth we ran into Nathan Stewart-Jarrett from the TV series Misfits which caused much excitement for my friend, who regularly meets celebrities through her job but for some reason became starstruck and giggly. When he asked her how she was she simply said: ‘Misfits is my favourite show. I’m sorry, that just had to be said’. This had everyone around us laughing, including Nathan.

After that we saw Bryan Ferry looking very cool in a massive black puffa jacket. As I went to ask him for a photo he turned and stormed off out of the party, but I managed to get a picture of his back! Feeling a bit dejected my friend and I discussed whether or not Brian Ferry hated us or had been going to leave anyway when we ran into Alice Temperley, looking amazing in a leopard print dress and matching hat. Her friend literally picked us up off the sofa and pushed us into the karaoke room where we sang Rihanna’s Rude Boy with a very happy and lovely Daisy Lowe.

As the night edged into the small hours we decided it was time to start the long bus ride back to central London so got into the queue for the cloakroom. As I stood reflecting on the night I glanced at the tall man next to me who seemed very familiar. I should explain here that I have been chasing Hurts’ PR for months trying to get an interview with lead singer Theo Hutchcraft for my blog. ‘I like your earring,’ I said, to which he laughed and didn’t reply. After a couple of minutes I said: ‘You’re in a band, aren’t you?’ When I explained the story, everyone around me wondering why I had started talking in giggly gasps, Theo insisted on doing the interview there and then.

So here it is, as written on the back of a napkin:

Me: ‘How does your music influence your style?’

Theo: ‘It doesn’t really. I think they are two very different things.’

Me: ‘If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?’

Theo: ‘Chill out. Or this is it.’

Me: ‘What would you do if an alien landed in your back garden?’

Theo: ‘Dress it up like my little sister and keep it in my cupboard.’

Me: ‘If you could play one song to the world, what would it be?’

Theo: ‘Billy Jean.’

So together with several others we headed back to our neck of the woods. The image of us all on the night bus, dressed as Mad Hatters and country gentlemen, pretty much sums up the night for me.

The ALICE by Temperley’s first birthday party took place on Thursday 25 November at:

The Paradise
19 Kilburn Lane
Kensal Green
W10 4AE

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