The Affordable Vintage Fair

For me, there is a definite love-hate relationship with all things vintage. There is nothing better than sourcing a find that you can be pretty sure no one else is going to have. It’s a refreshing change from splurging over some lust-after item from the high street only to see two other people in a tube carriage looking like little carbon copies of yourself.

Since vintage shopping came in vogue, the associated view that shopping for secondhand clothes involves traipsing around quaint charity shops wreaking of mothballs, and being spoilt for choice with grubby garments that some old dear has died in, has been well and truly banished. And due to its popularity the market has become oversaturated, so much so that everyone knows exactly the market price for items and there’s no such thing as a bargain.

In an ideal world, a day’s vintage shopping involves leisurely perusing a vast variety of equally wonderful cheap finds of intricate craftsmanship, which provide you with a little snippet of yesteryear that no one else is likely to have, but this is a rare occurrence. Most of the time a day’s vintage shopping consists of hoarding through endless amounts of junk deemed ‘vintage’, which are ironically high street garments that just aren’t in season now.

There was one instance recently, while rummaging, when I found such a piece, which terrified me with the horrific realisation that it could actually be an old garment returning to haunt me as penance for the most heinous of fashion crimes committed in my transition to adulthood circa 1995.

However, every cloud has a silver lining and these horrors of vintage shopping mean that when Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair rolls into town biannually it is all the more appreciated.  This Sunday, Bethnal Green’s York Hall will be taken over by fashion lovers and collectors willing to part with some of their treasures for very reasonable prices. Judy’s selection of stalls offer really great vintage finds and handmade jewellery at very affordable prices.

The problem at these fairs is that there is simply too much to buy and it certainly lives up to its name as being affordable. There are a lot of period pieces for as little as a tenner and handmade jewellery, created from older pieces of jewellery and watches, which go down a treat.

And when it all gets too much, there’s always time to have a light refreshment in the pop-up tea shop that has the cutest cupcakes lovingly prepared by the most stylish tea ladies I have ever seen.

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair takes place this Sunday 24 October at:

York Hall
5-15 Old Ford Road
Bethnal Green
E2 9PJ

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