British Food Fortnight

One of the benefits of the summer ending and the nights getting longer is that diners finally get back to having proper food. Summer is all very well and good with its bursts of sunshine and cricket on the green but its food is generally disappointing. This is because it’s too hot to enjoy anything substantial or complex. However, once the autumn kicks in, it’s back to rich, flavoursome food that demands to be eaten sat down rather than at the side of the pool.

This is seen with the advent of Young’s British Food Fortnight, an event which places an emphasis on native food. There are many events that have been set up as well as tie-ins with pubs and supermarkets, all of whom will be pushing the best of what this country has to offer.

For example, over the fortnight, The Windwmill pub in Mayfair will be hosting a celebration of great British pies. These include Black Mountain Pie (lamb, leek and rosemary), Highland Pie (venison, Madeira and tarragon) or true pub classic Traditional Shepherds Pie (savoury mutton and root vegetables). If you’re keen to find out what goes into these creations, or about the meat you eat in general, head on down to complimentary masterclasses covering game, butchery and British cheese, which are being held at selected Young’s pubs. Also taking place at these venues is a Cask Ale festival, which will provide you with the opportunity to try some of the best real ales that the country has to offer.

In addition to this is the concurrent festival going on in Harrods. In the food hall, you’ll find all kinds of curiousities picked from farmers all over the country, with produce ranging from chillies to veal.

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t cost too much, go along to a special event being held at St Paul’s Cathedral. In the spirit of the Harvest Festival from school, you’ll be asked for a donation. However rather than giving up a tin of sweetcorn, you’ll need to bring along a box of home-grown produce. The event is the ‘Harvest Swap Shop’, held at The Restaurant at St Paul’s Cathedral. For one box of your finest horticultural efforts you’ll be given a free Sunday lunch. It is being held on Sunday, September 26.

Young’s British Food Fortnight takes place on September 18 to October 3.

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